Cheetah Digital Seeks to Redefine Cross Channel Marketing

Cheetah Digital

Vector Capital’s acquisition of Experian Cross-Channel Marketing has now been re-branded as Cheetah Digital

Experian, a global leader in credit reporting and marketing services and a constituent of the United Kingdom’s FTSE 100 index has announced the formation of Cheetah Digital, which has been re-branded as a separate entity.

Experian’s Cross Channel Marketing Services was set up with the aim to utilize customer data to drive insightful marketing activities complemented with technology and innovation. The company recently joined a group of organizations who believe in offloading their marketing services business with a strategic goal to achieve a leaner management so the company can focus on its core businesses around credit services and decision analytics.

Launched as an independent marketing technology company, Cheetah Digital is a recognized global enterprise cross-channel marketing solutions provider. Cheetah Digital, aims to drive extraordinary results for enterprise marketers at scale through cutting-edge technology innovation, product development and competent services.
Marketers will benefit from the Cheetah Digital Marketing Suite to build and maximize high-volume, high-complexity and high-performance cross-channel marketing campaigns.

In April, 2017, the company announced that a private equity firm, Vector Capital and ExactTarget Co-Founder Peter McCormick had acquired 75% (worth US$400 million)in Experian’s Cross-Channel marketing business, incorporating its Marketing Suite, CheetahMail and Mail Publisher offerings, apart from its full portfolio of professional and strategic services.

The decision to re-brand Experian’s cross-channel marketing business was taken by Peter McCormick, Executive Chairman of the Board of Cheetah Digital. Sameer Kazi, former Executive Vice President at ExactTarget and, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Experian CCM’s Global President, Matt Seeley was appointed as Chief Operating Officer.

The biggest task for Cheetah Digital, which has been introduced as an independent marketing technology company, is ‘to modernize’ and redefine the solutions offered to contemporary marketers. It includes the first-gen email marketing platform, CheetahMail along with professional services, Mail Publisher and the Experian Marketing Suite.

According to Peter McCormick, Executive Chairman of Cheetah Digital, “We are deeply committed to providing CCM’s customers with the same level of high-quality solutions and services that they have been experiencing for many years. We are confident that with our domain expertise and dedication to R&D, Cheetah Digital will become the leading, global SaaS marketing platform for the enterprise.”

Sameer Kazi, CEO of Cheetah Digital, said, “Cheetah Digital’s priorities are innovation and customer success. We are marketers at heart, and we want to be the company that shapes the future of marketing. We have the depth and the breadth necessary to solve marketers’ biggest challenges and truly help them build meaningful customer relationships to create profitable brand outcomes.”


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