Google Attribution Simplifies Cross-Channel, Multi-Platform Attribution Analytics

Google Attribution Simplifies Cross-Channel, Multi-Platform Attribution Analytics

Google has launched a new, free AI-powered attribution product that claims to measure the impact of marketing efforts across devices and channels

Google AdWords has announced a new marketing attribution tool to measure paid and organic search results, enabling marketers to see what triggered audience engagement across channels and devices. The new multi-touch tool — Google Attribution was unveiled at the Google Marketing Next in San Francisco. Additionally, the search engine giant also announced a series of location-based extensions to YouTube analytics and in-store sales measurements for AdWords.

As per the latest updates on Google Attribution, the new tool is currently in beta and will be made available to advertisers in coming weeks. The paid enterprise version, Attribution 360, that launched as part of the Analytics 360 suite, is readily available.

Google Attribution offers visual insights into how marketing campaigns and ads are showing to potential customers, providing quick keyword measurement analytics that triggers relevant impressions. I see the newly launched attribution model as a rebranded version of Adometry, a multi-channel attribution platform acquired by Google in 2014. Google Attribution will simplify the challenges within marketing strategies that fail to solve multichannel, multi-device attribution.

Google also announced the launch of local ad inventories for retailers to promote special offers and show latest updates from nearby stores. New location extensions for YouTube ads will allow viewers to find a store that sells relevant products.

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