Signal Announces First Enterprise-Wide Customer Identity Solution

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Today, Signal announced the industry’s first and only Customer Identity Solution to offer instant customer recognition and reach across the entire enterprise. With the solution, marketers have the freedom to instantly and continuously recognize customers and deliver contextual relevance at critical marketing moments beyond advertising and at any touchpoint.

Brands realize that to retain customers and drive loyalty, they need a new approach to identity. Tools and solutions that hold customer data hostage don’t cut it anymore. Marketers want control, flexibility, and knowledge from a strategic identity foundation that can power all customer experiences,” said Mike Sands, CEO, Signal. “With Signal’s solution, clients are gaining visibility of more known customers, reducing the cost of reaching those customers, and eliminating the friction caused by using multiple vendors.”

Advertising technologies approach customer identity as a function of media targeting, and marketing technologies compartmentalize efforts. Brands are left with limited ownership of the customer relationship, fragmented customer views, and incomplete measurement – which sacrifices the experience and harms loyalty. Signal’s Customer Identity Solution translates and connects data into a unique profile for each customer, creating an identity graph that is controlled by the brand, available anytime for activation across the enterprise, and becomes more valuable over time for better returns on retention and loyalty.

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Signal’s Customer Identity Solution offers several critical capabilities uniquely available from one platform that is purpose-built to deliver an enterprise-wide identity asset.

  • Enterprise portability: Customer profiles can be used to fuel connections across the business, enabling personalized communication across human, physical, and digital touchpoints.
  • Customer data foundation: Marketers can now build and own an identity asset that recognizes customers wherever they engage with the brand. Signal’s privacy by design solution does not ingest or store personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Continuous identity: Profiles update instantly as new signals are received to reflect the most current customer information, even outside of static campaign schedules. Data loss is minimized because identity is maintained in one solution rather than multiple sync points.


Sky Betting & Gaming, the UK’s leading online sports betting business, leverages Signal’s Customer Identity Solution to power addressable marketing.

Sky Betting & Gaming is on a mission to make Betting & Gaming better by delivering our digitally-native customers with the most relevant, personalized experiences,” said Andy Walton, Head of Data, Sky Betting & Gaming. “Signal helps us capture live insights about customer preferences and reach known users in real time across devices in ways we couldn’t before. Plus, we can effectively measure across channels to fully understand the results of our marketing efforts and optimize for the future.”

Quotient Technology Inc., a leading digital promotion and media company that connects brands, retailers, and consumers, also leverages Signal’s Customer Identity Solution.

Quotient helps CPG brands and retailers engage shoppers with relevance to deliver experiences that nurture loyalty and increase sales,” said Sahil Anand, Director of Product Management at Quotient. “Signal is the connective tissue that stitches together in-store and online customer data to create Quotient’s strategic identity layer. Because the graph is always accessible, brands can immediately act on purchase intent signals and measure the effectiveness of their efforts based on transaction data.”

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