Swirl’s Mobile Presence Platform Now Provides Automated Beacon Management with Google

 Google Eddystone + Swirl

Retailers can now use the automated marketing tools of the Swirl Mobile Presence Marketing platform with the Google’s beacon services

In-store shoppers are increasingly relying on location technologies for a more engaging shopping experience. Swirl Networks, Inc., the Mobile Presence Marketing platform provider, is set to transform the experience even further, adding a strategic integration with Google’s beacon registry and proximity APIs. The new integrations will allow Swirl customers to deploy, manage and optimize large-scale proximity marketing programs using a fully-automated solution that leverages Google’s beacon services and communication protocols.

Google has recently named Swirl as the provider of Eddystone, an open beacon format for both Android and iOS devices.

Swirl’s Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform is one of the most advanced platforms for in-store digital marketing. By leveraging the power of mobile presence, retailers deploy Swirl to take full advantage of digital location signals, including geofences, WiFi, Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth beacons. Retailers and marketers can then leverage Swirl platform to build a unique set of customer behavioral data and then act on this data to influence shoppers in-store, on their mobile devices and online.

By offering its technical beacon services to the entire industry, Google has laid the foundation for a more open and scalable operating environment for everyone.” – Hilmi Ozguc, Swirl Founder & CEO

Ozguc adds, “With this integration, retail marketers can take advantage of Swirl’s mobile presence platform capabilities to maximize the value of this powerful capability. We look forward to continuing to work with Google to grow the beacon ecosystem and harness the power of mobile to enhance the physical world experience for consumers.”

Unique Beacon Targeting with Marketing Automation

The integration between Swirl and Google brings together the automated marketing tools and self-service capabilities of the Swirl Mobile Presence Marketing platform with the full set of beacon services offered by Google. By adding a marketing services layer to Google’s developer platform, Swirl enables non-technical users to take advantage of the technical infrastructure that has been developed by Google.

Swirl Beacon Mobile Presence

Swirl’s automated platform enables retailers to manage and secure their location signals, while also enabling access for select audience partners. Swirl’s specialized mobile presence software allows retailers, publishers and brands to deliver new in-store mobile experiences and services that take advantage of the growing beacon ecosystem.

The integration addresses a number of specific needs for large retailers including:

Large-scale audience reach

Through the Swirl platform, retailers can now permission beacon access to any mobile audience that is using the Google Nearby API, including Nearby Notifications, Google’s proximity service that is available on nearly 90% of worldwide Android devices.

Automated beacon management

The integration of Swirl’s automated location management tools with Google’s Beacon Registry enables retailers to easily configure, deploy, monitor and manage even the largest-scale beacon networks with no technical expertise required.

Centralized audience management

The Swirl platform provides retail marketers with a single interface for managing the flow of data, content, and services delivered through a variety of audience channels including Google Nearby Notifications, authorized third-party mobile apps and the retailer’s own branded app.

Security and access control

Retailers can take full advantage of Google’s secure communication protocol, Eddystone EID, and Swirl’s access control capabilities to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing their in-store beacon signals.

Enterprise-scale campaign management

Swirl’s Creative Editor and Campaign Management tools enable marketers to effectively create and manage hundreds of mobile campaign variations tailored to thousands of store locations.

Private media exchange – Multi-brand retailers can leverage Swirl’s Mobile Media Exchange (MMx) solution to seamlessly extend in-store mobile marketing opportunities to their trusted brand partners.

In-Store Engagement Now with Scalable Features

Swirl’s partnership with Google will take away the challenge faced by retailers and mobile publishers in their early efforts to take advantage of beacon technology, which is largely marred by the lack of industry standards and platform interoperability.

The proliferation of proprietary protocols and closed networks meant that location and audience owners had to choose among competing ecosystems and vendor-specific SDKs, driving increased complexity and limiting scale. Google’s introduction of standardized APIs for enabling proximity-based services has resulted in the widespread availability of developer tools and services that are now being adopted by retailers, publishers, software developers and hardware manufacturers.

Google’s Beacon Registry and APIs Encourage Mobile First Campaigns

Google’s global beacon registry and Nearby API provide the foundational infrastructure that allows location and audience owners to connect in a transparent, friction-free environment. With the Nearby API, retailers and third party audience owners can enable their mobile apps to interact with beacon signals without the need for proprietary, vendor-specific SDKs. Google is also enabling its own mobile properties to interact with beacons.

Nearby Notifications, Google’s first major service to take advantage of the Nearby API, is now available on nearly 90 percent of Android devices. This service allows any retailer to connect their in-store location signals to what is now the world’s largest beacon-enabled mobile audience.

Swirl leads the pack in connecting beacon to martech suite

As a certified Location Services Provider, Swirl is one of the few proximity marketing platform providers to have passed the rigorous suite of checks designed to ensure compatibility with the Google beacon platform. During the certification process, Google engineers verified that the Swirl platform met its requirements for sourcing Eddystone-enabled beacons as well as fully integrating its tools with the Google beacon platform. Swirl will continue to collaborate with Google as Eddystone’s features and capabilities evolve.

Swirl was recently named the winner of the 2017 DMN Award for Best Mobile Company, which also included martech entries from prominent players like Adobe, Epsilon, Experian, Oracle and Salesforce. The award winners were announced in New York City on March 1st at the annual DMN Awards Event. A fortnight ago, the leading Mobile Presence Marketing platform provider joined the Cisco Partner Program as a Solution Partner, offering unified solutions to capture the value of Internet of Everything (IoE).

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