Meltwater Acquires Wrapidity to Add AI Capabilities into Media Intelligence Platform


Meltwater, the leading B2B data analytics company, has acquired London-based web data extraction company Wrapidity for an undisclosed amount. The AI-startup that spun out of Oxford University in 2015 will be a separate entity in Meltwater’s existing platform.  By beefing up its “media intelligence” platform, Meltwater will now offer AI-powered automation tools for data analytics and media monitoring from unstructured web-based content.

In the era of specialized AI for MarTech, Wrapidity offers tailor-made solutions to content- specific problems arising in image recognition, Natural Language Processing, and machine learning. By acquiring Wrapidity, Meltwater will be able to automate its data extraction processes to reach out to a wide range of online customers based on accurate analytics of historical and real-time data. Meltwater is expected to further improve Wrapidity’s AI capabilities for content discovery and data asset management, enabling marketers to interrogate data for diverse purposes, including sales enablement, social media monitoring and so on.

Meltwater empowers marketing teams to stay on top of billions of data touchpoints arising from content, including real-time editorials, blogs, social media conversations, news, and others. Marketers using the hybrid AI technology of Wrapidity on Meltwater can derive refined data analytics on audience connect and create simplified 1:1 user experience.  According to an industry expert, Cofounder and CTO of Wrapidity Dr. Tim Furche, Dr. Giovanni Grasso Giorgio Orsi will stay in Wrapidity, retaining their ties with their existing clients. Leon Shpilsky, Wrapidity’s CEO will not join Meltwater.

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By adding Wrapidity, Meltwater has increased its acquired companies’ tally to 7, which includes social alerting tool Encore Alerts and Facebook page analytics tool LikeAlyzer. Lyseggen affirmed, “We see acquisitions as an integral part of our growth strategy. We believe the next 24 months will see a high M&A activity in our space and we raised this capital to give us the firepower to take an active role in these processes.”

As the AI market heats up in 2017, I am expecting MarTech firms catering to SMEs and mid-range companies to acquire AI start-ups expanding their proprietary solutions beyond the existing benchmarks of innovation and integration. According to me, AI will be the biggest disruptor in customer experience and mobile marketing campaigns in 2017.

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