New Leads Database Fastbase Opens for Google Analytics Users

New Leads Database Fastbase Opens for Google Analytics Users

Built upon the Google Analytics software, Fastbase’s Software Takes Website Visitor Information To The Next Level By Generating Comprehensive Lead Reports

More than 134 million companies use Google’s search engine daily with an estimated two billion searches performed within the B2B industry. Google now processes over 40,000 searches per second and each time a company uses the search engine and then visits a website, the company leaves behind a digital “footprint.” These digital footprints are being tracked by Fastbase, Inc then converted into highly-targeted leads, now available to Google Analytics users.

Google Analytics and Fastbase, Inc have proven to be a great match. Built upon the Google Analytics software, Fastbase, Inc.’s software takes website visitor information to the next level by generating comprehensive lead reports that include extensive company profiles, visitor LinkedIn profile information and email addresses. The powerful insights provided by Fastbase, Inc. have drastically transformed B2B sales and marketing strategies enabling B2B businesses to contact their online leads in real-time. All digital footprints and business information collected by Fastbase, Inc. are updated daily allowing users to access new company insights daily.

Fastbase, Inc. Introduces G Leads

Google Analytics users now have unlimited access to search Fastbase, Inc.’s exclusive database, which includes 134 million of the world’s most active companies. All companies are categorized by the Google Industry Index and contain all relevant contact information such as company name, address, phone number, website, contact information, email addresses, industry category, and more.  All data can be downloaded to Excel or directly into your CRM system. The database is free for Google Analytics users to search while downloading data costs US$ 0.20 per lead.

The Future of Fastbase, Inc.

Fastbase, Inc. continues to bring value to its software through continued research and development. The company’s tremendous success has led them to get listed on AIM, London Stock Exchange in Q1, 2018 as one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world.

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