ON24 Holds Virtual Summit to Redefine Engagement for the Modern Buyer


Thought Leaders From Across The Martech Ecosystem Share Provocative Viewpoints At Engagement Marketing Virtual Summit Hosted By On24

According to Forrester, 62% of business buyers are able to make a final purchasing decision based almost entirely on digital content. That’s a radical departure from the traditional sales cycle and requires marketers to completely transform how they interact with their prospects and customers. ON24 brings together the industry’s most forward-looking marketing technology leaders and experts at the first-ever Engagement Marketing Virtual Summit to offer new ways to engage, convert and win this new customer.

“For the past decade, marketers have gotten really caught up in building their martech stack, scaling their reach and accumulating millions of data points. I think that’s a convenient distraction from what’s most important… great marketing isn’t about us and modernizing our organizations, it’s about the modern buyer on the other end of our outreach. Making customers the center of our strategy requires a total shift in mindset, one that prioritizes quality over quantity, and puts engagement first,” Joe Hyland, CMO, ON24 said.

Through a full day of presentations marketers will learn how to engage customers across the sales funnel, from raising awareness to earning loyalty. Themes include the self-informed buyer, integration of digital into physical events, account-based marketing, content strategy and AI-based personalization. Powered by ON24’s marketing platform, the virtual summit will be live-streamed beginning at 9 am PT and available to attendees on-demand beyond the conference.

“With all the digital tools in the world, we know that nothing matches the power of a one-on-one conversation to build customer relationships and close deals. But, that’s really hard to do at scale and back up the results. At Splash, we’re focused on helping marketers meet this challenge, and it will take the entire martech ecosystem to get there. Today’s summit gives business marketers everywhere a valuable guide for making engagement personal and scalable,” Amy Holtzman, VP of Marketing, Splash said.

The Engagement Marketing Virtual Summit features the following speakers:

ON24 is on a mission to empower data-driven marketers with the engagement they need to succeed in the digital world. Through the company’s engagement marketing platform, over 1,600 businesses, including athenahealth, PwC and Microsoft, deliver 100,000 webinars annually, engaging nearly 20 million prospects, customers and employees for a total of one billion minutes per year.

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