R2i Releases Annual Web Analytics Comparison Report

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R2i is a full-service digital agency that helps companies build integrated customer experiences that generate real marketing value. As part of their commitment to helping clients navigate a complex marketing technology landscape, R2i has released its 2017 Web Analytics Comparison Report.

Gartner’s 2016-2017 CMO Spend Survey found that 41% of marketers are investing in marketing analytics as a means to achieve company business objectives, trailing only digital commerce and digital advertising. As an agency, R2i is focused on enabling its customers with tools like this report to accelerate these analytics objectives.

This annual report is part of R2i’s library of research materials including complementary CMS and Marketing Automation comparison reports. It is designed for business leaders to review, analyze, and differentiate the industry’s leading web analytics vendors and identify which platform solution best aligns to their organization’s unique needs and technology requirements. While the 2017 Web Analytics Comparison Report is not a comprehensive inventory of all available options in the marketplace, it provides marketers with a valuable starting point in their technology decision-making process.

Jennifer Quinlan
Jennifer Quinlan

R2i CEO Jennifer Quinlan notes, “Our clients want to be data-driven marketers. As an agency, we believe in delivering strategy, creative, and solutions that are rooted in data and insights. In order for our clients to have that same holistic approach, they need a tech platform that helps connect the dots of their customers’ experiences.”

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