ReportGarden Makes Tracking Budgets a Breeze for Digital Marketing Agencies

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ReportGarden, a leading client reporting automation tool for digital marketing agencies, has announced the launch of its latest release featuring campaign and account level budget tracking. The feature would help solve the long standing problem of tracking PPC spend across different channels.

Ad campaign managers generally have monthly or quarterly budgets. To keep a track of how much has been spent requires the use of cumbersome manual methods like spreadsheets with macros. Ad campaign managers typically spend around 5-7 hours every week on this task, which is largely unproductive. With the new feature on ReportGarden’s web based application agencies would be able to track the pace of their budgets and get alerts if they are over or under-spending.

“Reports on budget spend is a key metric that is used by brands to measure an agency’s efficiency on generating leads/awareness. Our new feature can help agencies to create automated reports that show accurate spends and results. The best part is this tool could also be used to create efficient budget plans for future spends based on past campaign results,” stated ReportGarden’s CEO, Ashok Varma.

Agencies can track spends across different campaigns being run on different ad platforms in one go. The new feature also provides an executive dashboard that agencies can refer, to have a bird’s eye view of how their accounts are doing in terms of ad-spends. The budget spend tracking tool would soon be integrated with ReportGarden’s powerful reporting and dashboarding features. This would enable agencies to report budget spend data to their clients.

The feature can be helpful for not only agencies who handle client ad spend budgets but also for in-house marketing teams. Starting at $49 for a month, the feature is sure to become a part of a lot of digital marketing agencies’ productivity toolkit.

ReportGarden’s Budget management toolkit is a one-stop solution for campaign budget management. Its main features will allow clients to seamlessly monitor, plan and take action on their budgets.

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