Semcasting Acquires Automotive Marketing Attribution Transparency AI


Bringing Deterministic Attribution to the Auto Industry

Semcasting, creators of the patented IP targeting technology Semcasting Smart Zones®, announced the acquisition of Orlando-based Transparency AI (TAI), an automotive marketing attribution company. The transaction was a purchase of assets for an undisclosed amount.

Since September 2015, Semcasting and TAI have worked successfully together to bring attribution and media solutions to auto dealer groups and the top online auto-listing publishers. Transparency AI uses Semcasting’s IP matching and Universal Data Exchange (UDX) to connect online and offline customer activity on online publishers’ sites that host individual and dealer group inventory for sale. Auto dealers can measure the impact of their promotional marketing spend against the traffic on publisher platforms and track it directly to the purchase of a car.

Ray Kingman Semcasting
Ray Kingman

“We have been working hand in hand with Transparency AI for nearly two years, creating significant value for publishers and the auto dealer groups through attribution reporting. This acquisition formalizes our partnership and is a natural extension of our core strategy of delivering deep insight through data to marketers in key markets — such as automotive, health care, finance, politics and retail,” said Ray Kingman, CEO and Founder of Semcasting.

According to eMarketer, the U.S. automotive industry is projected to spend $9.94 billion on digital ads in 2017 and digital ad spend will reach $14.14 billion in spending by 2020. Semcasting and TAI offer a deterministic attribution solution for publisher’s and dealer’s ad spend.

With Semcasting technology, clients can deterministically identify an auto buyer across the entire customer journey. It links a customer ID across multiple online platforms; matches consumers to dealer repair, test-drives and website visits, and matches audiences served on behalf of the dealer and to select pages in online auto listing sites.

“The automotive industry has always been aggressive in its adoption of online and lead-generation technologies that improve results,” said Jon Lamb, GM of Semcasting Auto Solutions Group. “Being able to prove the impact of online and offline activity at scale across-channels, locations, and devices, ensures that auto dealers and publishers are going to have the insight they need to optimize their ROI on ad spend.”

The TAI team will continue to operate out of their Orlando and Minneapolis locations as the Semcasting Auto Solutions Group.

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