inMarket Opens its First Party Location Data to Trading Desks via Audiences


inMarket’s Real-Time Location Data Waterfall Provides Unparalleled Accuracy to a Programmatic Ecosystem that Desperately Needs It

inMarket, the location data pioneer and specialist in digital advertising for the physical world, is extending its hyper-accurate Audiences segmenting to programmatic trading desks today. Brands and agencies can now access a walled garden of first-party location data previously only accessible via inMarket’s high-ROI managed campaigns.

Audiences will provide trading desks with unprecedented accuracy via inMarket’s location database, which uses full cycle GPS, WiFi and the world’s largest beacon platform in a waterfall to continually validate data points. Opt-in consumer location data paired with inMarket’s vast point-of-interest marketing platform reveals consumers’ journeys between POIs — while personas derived from machine learning across billions of consumers data points make targeting more precise than ever.

Todd Dipaola inMarket
Todd Dipaola

Todd Dipaola, CEO and founder, inMarket, said, “We built our mobile at retail platform with quality and accuracy first, because being in a store yields far more ROI than being near a store. Now, we’ve built our Audiences model in response to intense industry demand for solutions that outperform inaccurate bidstream location data. Many clients have requested that we open our walled garden of verified, first party data — and today, we are doing just that. Every agency I’ve talked to in the past year has told me the same thing: Programmatic location data is broken. inMarket’s first party data is now available to fix it. Our audience segments are here to drive outstanding results for marketers at a time when they truly need it.”

Audiences enables new first party location precision that dramatically reduces crossover contamination in dense markets — for example when a laundromat is next to a restaurant. This unlocks superior targeting for brands. The same first party dataset enables inMarket to predict major business trends across America — like customer loyalty — via inMarket inSights.

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