Singular and Apsalar Unite To Build the “Most Powerful” Unified Marketing Analytics Platform



The New Company Gets Rid Of Data Silos And Enables Marketers Gain Unprecedented Insights Across The Entire Customer Journey With Precise Details At All Levels

Singular, a global leader in unified marketing analytics, , has completed its tie-up with Apsalar, a pioneer in mobile app attribution and audience management, merging it into the Singular platform. The union of technologies from both the companies creates the first and most powerful and comprehensive marketing analytics platform, designed to empower marketers with the most vital insights to drive ROI across mobile, desktop, and offline channels.

The new platform is a fusion of Singular’s Marketing Analytics Platform and Apsalar’s Attribution and Audience Management, and it enables marketers to reveal the ROI of each user touch point including ads, emails, push notifications, or in-app, and web events. Particularly, Singular will now be the first platform to provide marketers with the necessary data to unveil true multi-touch attribution modeling and user-level ROI analysis.

Gadi Eliashiv
Gadi Eliashiv, CEO & Co-Founder

“Mobile attribution is a critical piece of today’s marketing stack, yet up until now it has been treated as a stand-alone solution, designed primarily to report on mobile app installs. This has given rise to broken attribution models that rely on data captured only through tracking tags and neglect to address the complete marriage of marketing campaigns with user events,” said CEO & Co-Founder Gadi Eliashiv.

Eliashiv added, “This approach has blinded marketers, by preventing them from seeing what happens outside of these tags. For example, let’s say you send an SMS and the user doesn’t click on it, or you create a campaign that targets a specific audience and they do not engage with the campaign. Today’s attribution technology will not pick up these data points. Our new platform lets marketers move past that paradigm by enabling them to capture every necessary piece of data from every touchpoint – no matter its origin or format. This is crucial for performing accurate ROI analysis and it finally opens up the door to the holy grail of multi-touch attribution and cross-device analysis, which can only be truly achieved by taking all marketing data sets into account.”

According to Michael Oiknine, CEO and Co-founder of Apsalar, “We are excited to enter the next phase of Apsalar’s growth as part of this merger. The unification of our advanced attribution and audience management capabilities with Singular’s already robust analytics platform is something that is truly needed by the industry. We are thrilled to build on our shared vision and provide marketers with a game-changing platform that will further simplify and improve their lives.”

The unification combines multiple benefits

Previously, marketers used to collect and connect siloed, non-standardized data from an ever-growing number of marketing solutions and channels, which resulted in inaccurate data and scaling challenges. Above all, the practice prevented marketers from exposing and leveraging the marketing ROI to achieve their business goals. Singular breaks down data silos for marketers by providing them with a unified platform to easily connect, measure and optimize data from any marketing source, including ad networks, marketing clouds, data warehouses, social channels and even other marketing analytics systems.

As the two companies merge their capabilities, it empowered the marketers to gain the following abilities:

  • Connect, measure, and optimize data from any marketing sourcein a single platform to maximize the efficiency and profitability of user acquisition and lifecycle campaigns including retargeting, email marketing, push notification and other marketing initiatives.
  • Analyze in-depth performanceat the channel, campaign, country, ad creative and sub-publisher level, without sacrificing accuracy, to determine which marketing efforts have the greatest impact on business goals.
  • Segment specific users based on behavior and their attributes, and define control and test groups, in order to determine uplift, incrementality and other types of behaviors.
  • Automatically distribute segments, in real-time, at the user level, to any third-party marketing platform, including ad networks, marketing clouds, data warehouses and business intelligence systems.
  • Expose ROI of every user touch point, across any channel, and provide marketers with highly granular data necessary to unlock true multi-touch attribution modeling and user-level insights.

The unified business will be operated by Singular CEO & Co-Founder Gadi Eliashiv under the brand name. Michael Oiknine will join as Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer. Customers of the combined businesses include Lyft, Yelp, Walmart, Zynga, N3TWORK, Match Group and LinkedIn. In addition, the platform is an official Mobile Measurement Partner of Facebook, App Attribution Partner with Google, Pinterest Marketing Partner, Snap Measurement Partner and Twitter Official Partner.

Ran Makavy, VP of Growth at Lyft, said, “Singular’s new unified platform enables our team to bring more of our marketing data under one roof. Their unique ability to connect data to expose ROI seamlessly across mobile and desktop channels, at the most granular level is essential in helping us hit our marketing goals during this stage of hyper growth at Lyft.”

Eliashiv concluded saying, “Right now, marketers are faced with severe limitations. They are unable to access the data they want and need, which means they aren’t as successful as they could be. We’re on a mission to help marketers take back control of their data so there’s nothing standing in their way on their path to success. The addition of Apsalar’s phenomenal team and technology allows us to continue executing on that vision and innovating at breakneck speed.”

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