Stratfor Worldwide: Advanced Analytics and Marketing Automation to Predict Geopolitical Events

Stratfor Worldwide: Advanced Analytics and Marketing Automation to Predict Geopolitical Events

The newly launched Stratfor Worldview will redefine access to geopolitical intelligence, analysis, and forecasting

Geopolitical events affect every business and social system — causing a dynamic flux of thoughts, ideas, and revolutions. While there is so much data around geopolitical events, that if they were analyzed, could help business leaders make more informed decisions. Stratfor understands the necessity of cutting across the noise with its exclusive world geopolitical observations and investigations in a largely complex international environment, which can help organizations plan and organize their business operations and expansion ideas.

Independent, Objective, Accurate and Actionable Insights on the Events Influencing International Business Affairs

To help businesses with meaningful insights into how geopolitical events would affect businesses, Stratfor announced Worldview. Stratfor Worldview is a new and ingenious digital platform that will engage interested individual and organizations with expert views and impactful insights on geopolitical intelligence, interpretations, and predictions.

As Dave Sikora, Executive Chairman at Stratfor, puts it, “Never before have the unbiased, sober insights offered by Stratfor’s analysts been more important.” 

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Worldview is easily the most effective Next-Gen Stratfor experience that enables individuals and organizations to make greater use of Stratfor’s independent, objective, accurate and actionable insights on the major events influencing international affairs. Teakwood Capital, a Dallas-based private equity firm, provided comprehensive financing for the creation of Stratfor Worldview. To create and design Worldview, Stratfor partnered with Thinktiv, an Austin-based business innovation firm.

According to Sikora, the launch of Worldview marks the culmination of year-long effort and a major investment. Worldview leverages emerging digital technologies, advanced marketing automation, providing a clear corporate vision for Stratfor’s role in helping professionals and organizations succeed.

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Sikora adds, “In a time of conflicting global narratives and disorienting political hyperbole, we believe that strategic analysis grounded in geopolitics is necessary to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex international environment. Stratfor Worldview makes that insight more accessible than ever before.”

Accurately Predicting Geopolitical Shifts Using Holistic Analytics

The growing community of professionals, organizations and globally engaged individuals seeking holistic understanding and predictive insights can heavily benefit from Worldview that is considered as a leading product of Stratfor. The provided insights ensure accuracy, uniqueness, and relevance at large. It makes users experience the way Stratfor interprets events and unveils interconnected global trends while accurately predicting geopolitical shifts and developments that shape our world.

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“With Stratfor Worldview, we’ve succeeded in fusing a next generation user experience with the foundational methodology and insight that have allowed Stratfor to forecast the major shifts in geopolitical power for over two decades,” said Ken Maranian, Stratfor Chief Product Officer.

“This expanded functionality empowers professionals, businesses, and even the casual reader to take control of their experience with customized content, and dig deeper into the global trends that matter most to them. New tools like interactive graphics will also help them leverage Stratfor’s unique perspective on the world like never before. Each member has unique needs and Worldview allows us to tailor the Stratfor experience to meet those needs with a flexible, forward thinking platform.”

New Features to Forecast Into Professional Workflows

Unique features and functionalities of Stratfor Worldview experience are —

– Live forecasts highlighting associated analysis and relevant context to enable members to track the quarter, year or decade of forecasts at any given time

– Insights into new global themes and subjects that transcend regional boundaries and empower members to focus on the key and relevant geopolitical trends and issues

– Connected content that reveals the synchronicity of Stratfor analyses, forecasts and the international system as a whole

– A more intuitive, interactive user experience compelling members to explore more

– Forums to exchange ideas and encourage Stratfor’s globally engaged members and industry professionals to interact with and question one another

– Expanded external contributor content, offering new and unique perspectives on emerging world events from thought leaders and industry professionals around the globe

– New opportunities for deeper integration of Stratfor’s geopolitical analysis and forecasts into professional workflows

Your World. In Context.

Stratfor Worldview was launched in last week of April 2017. The launch was accompanied by Stratfor’s new corporate logo and tagline, “Your World. In Context.” Before this, Stratfor launched Threat Lens™, which focuses on providing industry-driven insights with a more specific context pertaining to Stratfor’s core methodology of interpreting significant global events of today and forecasting major developments of tomorrow.

“Worldview introduces an innovative new design that I believe will radically accelerate our members’ understanding of the interconnectivity and directionality of key global trends,” said Stratfor Editor-in-Chief David Judson. “It’s a much deeper experience and a fundamental shift in the way we share the underlying methodology that guides all our work, and I believe it will enhance our members’ ability to make decisions and understand the world.”

Automatic access to Stratfor Worldview would be given to all its members as the company concentrates on offering its unbiased views on global developments and geopolitical issues that occur spontaneously at random with underlying and predictable connotations.

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