Volkswagen Dealerships Can Now Use Predictive Analytics to Boost Sales and Customer Retention Rates


Automotivemastermind, The Leading Behavior Prediction Technology, Adds Volkswagen To Its Platform

Each independently owned and operated Volkswagen dealership is now able to partner with automotiveMastermind, the leading predictive analytics technology company, to attract more drivers through the implementation of behavioral analytics and marketing automation.

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“The introduction of the new Atlas SUV is an example of Volkswagen’s efforts to re-invigorate their brand and it demonstrates that they are listening to their customers by tapping into the growing share of the market that wants a powerful, sleek SUV,” said Marco Schnabl, CEO and Co-Founder of automotiveMastermind. “Our technology helps dealers find and retain customers by giving their sales team easy access to know which customers are ready to buy and the exact reasons why. We deliver superior customer service that underpins our commitment to our dealer, resulting in a true partnership”

Mastermind’s proprietary technology captures thousands of data points, gathered from the dealer management system (DMS) and combines it with Big Data – social media profiles, financial records, product and consumer lifecycle information, socio-demographics and more. The data is distilled down to one simple number, the Behavior Prediction Score (BPS), a ranking from 0-100 that simply demonstrates to the dealer which customers would result in immediate sales. In addition, Mastermind delivers customer-specific talking points right to the salesperson’s desktop, and highly personalized marketing campaigns proven to increase the probability of a customer visiting a dealer.

“Volkswagen has long established itself as producing high-quality, exciting cars and this is the perfect opportunity to integrate predictive analytics into their sales process,” said Andrew Gillman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for automotiveMastermind. “Through the use of behavioral prediction and analytics, VW will be able to offer their dealerships the ability to increase sales and customer retention with measurable results.”

automotiveMastermind has a proven track record of transforming the dealership experience for consumers and revolutionizing the way automotive dealerships and manufacturers, find, engage and earn long-lasting customer relationships.

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