realme GT Neo3 Incorporates Pixelworks Technology for Superior Mobile Gaming and Leading Visual Quality Advantages

First realme Smartphone Powered by Pixelworks Delivers Stunning Visual Quality and Ultra-Smooth Gaming Experience

Pixelworks, Inc. , a leading provider of innovative video and display processing solutions, and realme, the fastest growing smartphone brand, today announced the newly launched realme GT Neo3 smartphone incorporates the Pixelworks X5 Series advanced visual processor to extend the visual enjoyment for users with an always silky-smooth gaming experience. Consistent with the spirit of its “Dare to Leap” branding, realme is strengthening the competitive edge of its smartphones by introducing multiple industry-leading technologies that boost unparalleled performance and bring exceptional user experiences to consumers.

realme GT Neo3 is one of the first Dimensity 8100-powered smartphones. Manufactured utilizing TSMC’s N5 (5nm) processing technology, MediaTek’s Dimensity 8100 processor features 8-core CPUs, 6-core GPUs and AI processors — collectively representing a new dimension as a flagship-light 5G mobile platform and achieving an excellent AnTuTu Benchmark score of over 820,000 points. The realme GT Neo3 is also the world’s first smartphone to feature industry-leading, 150W ‘UltraDart’ fast charging, which was unveiled at MWC 2022 and enables a 50% charge in only five minutes. In addition to the powerful hardware and ultra-fast charging technology, the smartphone incorporates exceptional display performance.

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The realme GT Neo3 smartphone features a 6.7-inch OLED screen with diamond pixel arrangement. The screen panel supports 10-bit color depth, and up to 120Hz refresh rate, with a resolution of 2412 x1080 pixels. Pixelworks X5 Series advanced visual processor provides the realme GT Neo3 smartphone with authentic picture quality and enables the extended play of ultra-smooth mobile gaming through the following visual display attributes:

MotionEngine® Technology – Pixelworks patented MotionEngine® technology boosts the frame rate of gaming content to 120Hz while preserving original artistic intent to ensure natural and smooth motion quality. This advanced processing helps to eliminate judder and artifacts caused by the mismatch of frame rates, significantly improving the image quality of videos and games. Furthermore, Pixelworks’ distributed processing offloads GPU workload to reduce overall system power consumption, which in turn prevents overheating and extends game play on mobile devices. The solution also features a frame rate enhancement mode that has been uniquely optimized for multiple popular mobile games, including King of Glory, Genshin Impact, Game for peace and League of Legends.

Absolute Color Accuracy – Every realme GT Neo3 smartphone is factory calibrated with Pixelworks patented and high-efficiency calibration technology, producing an average Delta E value (an indicator for measuring color accuracy, the lower the better) less than 1, which means that the human eyes cannot detect any deviation from perfect color reproduction.

Ambient Adaptive Color Correction – Leveraging the 3D LUT method, Pixelworks visual processing conducts advanced color calibration, including the adjustment of gamma value, gamut alteration and error tracking. This calibration technology also provides the dynamic correction of nonlinear attributes, interference colors, hue, saturation and brightness. The comprehensive management of these attributes to a very precise level produces exacting and authentic color on the screen that is as vivid as what human eyes detect in the ‘3D space’, regardless of ambient lighting conditions.

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Professional Brightness Calibration – Industry-leading brightness calibration results in superior color accuracy in varied lighting conditions that is optimally aligned with people’s visual perception. By ensuring the display’s gamma value is always at 2.2 (best standard tested by image and video processing professionals), Pixelworks technology guarantees the most true-to-life experience for human eyes. Even in low brightness, the solution adapts the gamma curve to compensate for the viewing environment to ensure the consistent color appearance of content displayed by the screen.

“As an emerging brand favored by many young people, the ‘Dare to Leap’ spirit is deeply embodied into realme’s DNA. Smartphones are used as a main display device throughout our daily life, and the flexibility to deliver optimized content for various communication and entertainment applications is becoming increasingly important,” said Chase Xu, Vice President of realme. “We aim to satisfy consumers by offering products with new technologies and exceptional performance at rational prices. In addition to pioneering the adoption of the latest mobile platform and charging technology, the realme GT Neo3 smartphone features differentiated display performance. Through our cooperation with Pixelworks and incorporation of its industry-leading visual display technology, we are pleased to provide our users with enhanced visual performance, premium picture quality and extended enjoyment of a silky-smooth gaming experience.”

“Congratulations to the realme team on the exciting launch of the realme GT Neo3! This device launch demonstrates the recognition of precise pain points for consumers, and realme’s quick response to introduce comprehensive and industry-leading solutions. This committed pursuit of innovation drives realme’s continued market leadership with premium performance, design, quality and service advantages.” said Leo Shen, Sr. VP, GM of Mobile BU, Pixelworks. “It’s a pleasure to partner with realme for the first time on the realme GT Neo3 smartphone. Leveraging Pixelworks’ advanced visual processor and other innovative technologies, this smartphone is fully equipped to showcase its innovative design, powerful performance and elevate the user experience to a new level.”

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