Cenveo Publisher Suite Enhances Production Insight With Smart Track


Cenveo Publisher Suite is a cloud-based system of publishing tools that transforms the creation and production of journal, book, and magazine content. Smart Track is the module that tracks content production from login through final content delivery.

Smart Track logs every content transaction within the workflow, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reporting and having to synchronize a myriad of spreadsheets. The module is seamlessly integrated within the Cenveo Publisher Suite and, together with other modules, automates editorial and production tasks and streamlines production workflows. Cenveo Publisher Suite dramatically improves the speed at which publishers bring quality content to market.

Smart Track is architected to easily integrate customizations and triggers processes based on publisher-specific XML feeds. Common production steps and tasks critical to all publishers are fully automated, including inbox notifications; watch folders for lifecycle, graphics, pre-flight and application files; uploads and delivery of hi-res proofs; historical reports for any production stage; and much more.

Debbie McClanahan
Debbie McClanahan

“Smart Track combines people, processes, and technology in a unique way to deliver real-time visibility into the management of content,” explains Debbie McClanahan, Vice President of Cenveo Publishing Services. “Whether it’s understanding issue line-up and management for a journal, editorial history of a book chapter, or proofing stages of a magazine article, Smart Track reports against many pieces of publishing metadata, providing ongoing insight into the production workflow.”

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