Community Elf Raises $2 Million Series A; Prepares to Launch a New Content Marketing Platform

Community Elf Raises $2 Million Series A; Prepares to Launch a New Content Marketing Platform

Community Elf, the leading digital marketing strategist, and implementer has managed to acquire $2 million in Series A funding. The digital creation and marketing company announced its intention to push for further growth and expansion in 2017 following the latest funding round. The Series A funding was led by Pittsburg-based private equity firm Topanga Partners, a leading investor in early and mid-stage technology innovation companies.

Community Elf currently offers UpContent, an active content discovery tool initially released as Hootsuite integration in 2015. The latest Series A funding will enable the UpContent team to infuse new product innovations into its content creation and discovery suite.

“The timing of Topanga’s investment couldn’t be better,” said Scott Rogerson, CEO of Community Elf. “We are well positioned in the content marketing industry to take advantage of the opportunity that lies ahead. The idea for the UpContent Gallery was sparked by listening to our customers, and we are thrilled about launching globally. We are excited to work with the Topanga team to achieve our vision.”

Community Elf and UpContent provide powerful content discovery and social media resources optimization tools encompassing the $200 billion content marketing domain. Integrating UpContent in content marketing strategy provides a clear definition of content campaign execution. Marketers can map the buyer’s journey using a set of optimized keywords and coordinated messages across all content sources. The latest funding will empower product innovator in the company to build powerful digital content optimization tools by addressing the everyday challenges marketers and advertisers face daily.

According to Statista, content marketing revenue worldwide is set to touch $315 billion in 2019, up from $144 billion in 2014. Ergo, content will remain a key part of every marketing strategy in 2017 and beyond. Even as marketers continue to expand their dependence on digital content management platforms to drive campaigns, digital asset managers still have to manually segment content based on their type, source of origin and accuracy. Automated content discovery will make marketing strategies more accurate and fully-optimized. Community Elf’s next content discovery and optimization tool is, therefore, a highly awaited prospect for marketers in 2017.

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