Hustle Announces Strategic And Political Advisory Board Headed By DC Insiders


Hustle, a peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging platform that scales and humanizes the way that organizations communicate with people, announced the formation of its Strategic and Political Advisory Board. The Strategic and Political Advisory Board will advise Hustle’s leadership and go-to-market teams on how to apply their technology to humanize campaigns and advocacy groups. The inaugural members of the board include Reverend Leah Daughtry, Minyon Moore, and Jotaka Eaddy, three political changemakers who will use their skills as potent and powerful organizers to build a bridge between Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley.

Roddy Lindsay
Roddy Lindsay

“For Hustle to achieve the impact we hope to see in the world, we must learn from experienced successful leaders like Minyon, Leah, and Jotaka,” said Roddy Lindsay, Hustle’s Co-Founder and CEO. “These women exemplify the talented and diverse leadership that we need to move Silicon Valley and startups like Hustle forward.”

The three leaders are connected through ties to the ‘The Colored Girls,’ of which Reverend Daughtry and Moore are members and Eaddy is a friend and mentee. The Colored Girls are groundbreakers for women of color in politics as highly sought after influencers in the nation’s capital, mentoring future generations of black women leaders like Eaddy and representing leadership of a growing population of influential voters. The three leaders known for their involvement in the inner circles of Democratic politics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and political consulting joined the board following numerous conversations with Hustle’s Special Advisor and Director of Sales Ruben Harris who met Jotaka Eaddy and LaToia Jones, who now runs Hustle’s Strategic Partnerships at the NAACP Leadership 500 conference last year.

“I am delighted to join the advisory board of such a forward thinking company. Hustle is not only paving the way for an exciting new technology tool that can be used for non-profits, political campaigns and corporate America, but they also understand how important it is to diversify their marketplace. It’s an exciting and new day in Silicon Valley and Hustle is leading the way,” said Minyon Moore.

Rev. Daughtry
Leah Daughtry

Moore has served as the right-hand Principal Political Advisor to both President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton during the Clinton administration. She’s also a partner at Dewey Square Group, where her job is to make Fortune 500 companies as diverse as the communities they serve. Rev. Daughtry was the CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee in 2008 and 2016, where, both times, she hired the most diverse staffs in the history of the event. Finally, Eaddy who is Vice President of Policy, Engagement & Impact for LendUp — and also known as Silicon Valley’s Olivia Pope — is a political strategist who’s worked with the NAACP and United Nations, and spearheaded the campaign that led to the landmark Supreme Court decision ending the juvenile death penalty in the U.S.

Jotaka Eaddy
Jotaka Eaddy

“I transitioned into the tech sector because I knew that technology and innovation had the power to create powerful change for good. Hustle’s mission to strengthen organizations by scaling genuine human relationships is doing just that,” said Jotaka Eaddy about the announcement. “I am excited to join Hustle’s inaugural Strategic and Political Advisory Board to help advance that mission. I am equally excited to join alongside my friends and mentors Leah Daughtry and Minyon Moore, two women whom I have long admired for their numerous contributions to our nation.  I look forward to working with them and the team at Hustle to help bridge the gap between Washington DC and Silicon Valley and strengthen Hustle’s social impact efforts through technology.”

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