mitú launches Cultural Identity Scale To Disrupt Content Creation Paradigm


mitú a digital media company that bring a Latino point of view to mainstream entertainment across multiple platforms launched its Bidimensional Identity Measure (BIM). mitú in partnership with ThinkNow Research produced an empirical study, “A New Scale to Measure Multigroup Ethnic and American Identity in the US” that inspired the idea of BIM.

Mario X Carrasco, Co-Founder, and Principal, ThinkNow Research, says, “This finding signifies a major shift in multicultural models that have long been outdated. We are excited to have contributed to the development of the Bidimensional Identity Measure (BIM) as it represents a more accurate way to measure how multicultural consumers identify themselves.”

The BIM model will allow brands to unveil significant insights on self-identification of multicultural audiences along with the fellow Americans and their specific ethnic cultures. It can benefit content marketers with relevant suggestions about reaching diverse American audiences. Content marketers can expect better engagement with profound and more informed content powered by an understanding on how the target audience analyze themselves and the world around them.

The American demographic landscape is changing incredibly with the growing population of people belonging to multicultural, multiracial, and multiethnic groups and they will surely influence the way online content is being read and judged. According to studies, these groups will be the majority of the population by 2044, and multiple-race Americans will account for almost 25% of growth by 2040. mitú aims to use the BIM tool to create more appealing and relevant “in-culture content” that will be backed by effective, segment-based insights catering to virtually every business category.

According to Dr. Jake Beniflah, the lead researcher for the mitú study, “The ‘bucketing’ of US multicultural consumers and comparing them to the ‘mainstream’ (non-Hispanic whites) is an oversimplification.”

“This new scale measures the identity of 21st century multicultural America — and it looks much nuanced. As such, brands have an opportunity to activate these differences to drive more effective content marketing,” added Dr. Beniflah.

mitú’s CMO, Danny Johnson, adds, “Clearly, times are changing and new metrics are needed to keep up with the reality of a massively multicultural America. We believe our study will help us create better and more engaging content solutions for our brand partners.”


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