Sprinklr Display Creates Magical Content from Real-Time Social Media Engagements

via Sprinklr Display
via Sprinklr Display

We love covering interesting dashboards and visualization platforms that make marketing fun, not to forget even more effective. That’s why I decided to feature this unique visualization platform for consumer-facing digital signage. Coolest part– This was announced just last week.

High five — Sprinklr Display!

Features Available in Sprinklr Display

Tell your own marketing story—The True One, of course

Now, this is something I really find sophisticated in Sprinklr Display. Storyboard Manager is a compelling visual treat to understand where your customers find maximum thrill along engagement journey. Whether it’s about churning your marketing attribution from billions of touch points or creating loyal influencer base, Storyboard Manager on Sprinklr Display helps create branding documents. It has colorful layouts, interactive templates and incredible visual elements that every marketer can use in WYSIWYG editor.

Touchscreen UI—The Mobile Friendly Dashboard

Sprinklr Display is a creative delight for social media marketers and B2B commerce managers, who missed having touch screen dashboards all this while. It’s 2017, and we finally have martech coming to terms with Mobile-First dashboards, offering controls that can be managed using the fingertip. Sprinklr Display boasts of UI that is designed for mobile of different screen sizes. Dig deeper into customer data with Command Center that is accessible from your phone or via in-store display format.

Brownie point—Sprinklr Display’s Command Center has a Remote feature that lets the user navigate and control live displays using a phone.

Stay Alive with Display Manager

Grab a bird’s eye vision on how every marketing team functions globally, displayed and managed through mini-windows. The manageable display with its intuitive analytics and content sharing lets marketers “connected” even when the internet goes kaput.

via Sprinklr Platform

Justin Garrity, AVP of Display at Sprinklr says –

“Data visualization is an increasingly important technology for brands who are overwhelmed with big data. They’re faced with the challenge of making this data work for them, not the other way around.”

 Social Media Junction

Sprinklr Display also streams real-time social media content on large dynamic screens at retail stores, conferences, command centres, events and digital out-of-home (DOOH) formats, without any integration difficulties. Marketers can now visualize and control every engagement point on social media without losing track of time.

via Sprinklr Display

Sprinklr Display for social media metrics reduces the complexity associated with social data. Its front-and-centre visualizations provide critical insights across your business, seamlessly connecting instantly to other unique dashboard features.

Be it a Super Bowl game or a protestor’s rally, Sprinklr Display collates everything that brands want from relevant social media posts on screen displays of different sizes. The latest addition to martech collection can potentially drive in-store engagement by connecting social media activity to brick and mortar retail locations using the social media data on digital billboards, spanning various locations.

Market for Sprinklr

According to a Markets and Markets report, the digital signage market is expected to touch $27.3 billion by 2022. The hurdle here is the lack of adoption due to the high cost incurred to produce meaningful and engaging displays. Sprinklr Display could contribute immensely to the digital signage market by making it easy to create dynamic screens that stream real-time social media content, drive engaging customer experiences, and power insights across an entire enterprise.

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