Nuxeo Makes it to Forrester’s Digital Asset Management Vendor Landscape, 2017

Nuxeo DAM capabilities

The report classifies DAM vendors, measuring their capabilities and scope of business and offers insights on standards, use-cases, and significant features

Nuxeo, a leading provider offering disruptive and cutting-edge DAM solutions adding value to enterprise-wide digital assets, appeared in the Digital Asset Management Vendor Landscape report created by Forrester. Its Hyperscale Digital Asset Platform assists companies to expand beyond the departmental usage of digital asset usage, which accelerates growth and efficiency across the entire enterprise.

One of the two vendors out of 27 others evaluated, Nuxeo is capable of providing support to the enterprise, media as well as production use case environments.

Forrester’s April 2017 report on DAM Vendor Landscape aims at informing users about strategizing around DAM purchases with its valuable recommendations, updates and market dynamics. According to the report, firms are increasingly investing on DAM solutions and should emphasize on the 5 key factors that would influence the market —

  • Cloud deployments
  • Convergence with other digital experience solutions
  • Analytics capabilities to measure content performance
  • Integration to support flexibility
  • Machine learning to support metadata

A cross-enterprise all-inclusive DAM solution

Nuxeo’s DAM solution based on cloud-native, allows companies to seamlessly benefit from cloud innovations, which enhances business efficiency while reducing costs. The solution integrates with other cloud services with an immense scope of exploring both cloud and on-premise services.

Nuxeo DAM solutions take a comprehensive look at the entire enterprise data and digital assets while unlocking the value hidden within them to drive digital transformation. They simplify the DAM process to provide support, standardize and bring efficiency to different functional levels including marketing, sales, human resource, finance, engineering and other core business areas.

Nuxeo platform users are free to extract purposeful data related to their digital assets, thanks to the adaptive data model coming with an easily configurable solution. This offers users to analyze their content processes and performance using real-time insights about the trends, scopes, and opportunities. Also, they can leverage the convenience to easily integrate their digital assets and metadata from any application while connecting to other DAMs, Google Drive, Dropbox, network drives, OneDrive, Box, and desktops.

‘Nuxeo Vision’ – The New Addition

Nuxeo Vision users can leverage Google Cloud Vision or Amazon Recognition service integration with the help of potent Machine Learning capacity, which can further consolidate the asset classification process in the DAM systems. Currently, ECM is becoming the core area where almost every vendor is focusing at in the DAM space. Nuxeo with its flexible API architecture that is crucial for future integrations, has a competitive advantage over other players.

Uri Kogan, Vice President of Product Marketing at Nuxeo quoted saying, “Most enterprise Digital Asset Management systems on the market were architected 10 or 20 years ago, before channels proliferated, customer experience became an enterprise-wide concern, and content-related marketing technologies exploded. They simply can’t meet today’s needs. We are changing the game for organizations looking to grow revenue, extract the most value from their content, reduce costs, and minimize risk, with a cloud-native solution that makes it easy to leverage new cloud services and integrate with anything, eliminates silos that trap content, and accelerates time to market with native workflows and automation.”

Enterprise content and digital asset management are being reinvented by Nuxeo, the industry’s only hyper scale digital asset platform, which is re-evaluating the way companies are using data and content to transform their digital information into something more meaningful. The cloud-native, hyper-scalable content services platform of Nuxeo has been extensively deployed by both large and mid-sized business and government agencies, globally.


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