Aweber’s New Feature Lets Users Segment with Tags and Send Newsletters To Tagged Segments

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It’s no secret that sending personalized emails is the best way to ensure the right content gets delivered to the people who want it most.

It’s also no secret that the best way to do so is by sending targeted emails with contextual content to specific subscriber segments. Targeted emails can drive up to 77 percent of your overall email ROI, which makes them an essential component of any successful email marketing strategy.

Many are already using tags to trigger targeted automated campaigns.

Let’s dive deeper into what this means for you, your email strategy and your business.

Use tags to do more with email

With tags, you can apply specific tags (or labels) to each of your subscribers (based on things like whether they are a customer or prospect, where they signed up, interests, geographic location, etc.,) in order to send targeted broadcasts and trigger campaigns.

Now, you can create automatically updating subscriber segments based on those tags, which opens the doors for more opportunities to send targeted emails.

By sending emails to various subscriber segments, you deliver hyper-relevant content to those who are most interested in it – which makes it even easier for your audience to understand the value of your emails and your business.

So if you want to do things like send content only to subscribers based on information they filled out on your sign up form or an existing tag they may have, it’s possible!

It works like this: When building a sign up form, create and add a tag to ensure it’s applied to subscribers who opt-in to your list. You can also build your form and apply tags to subscribers based on information they select in a custom field.

To send specific subscribers an email, create a new segment in Manage Subscribers based on the tag. Create your broadcast email and send to your new subscriber segment!

Not using AWeber’s forms? Many of our trusted integration partners, like UnbounceOptinMonster, and Interact now support tags. You can also apply tags when importing subscribers, or manually from your Manage Subscribers page.

Send a contextual broadcast email

Here’s a specific scenario in which you might use tags: Let’s say you’re a food blogger who’s planning a webinar on the vegan diet.

Add a sign up form to collect email addresses from registrants. (In addition to creating tags in AWeber forms, you can also apply tags using one of our trusted integrations, or when importing subscribers.)

As you create your sign up form, make sure everyone who signs up to your list receives the tag “vegan-webinar.” By tagging subscribers this way, you’ll know exactly who joined your list as a result of the webinar.

Since you know these subscribers are also interested in vegan content, you can send targeted broadcast emails with information like vegan recipes, ebooks and other resources after the webinar.

Simply search for subscribers with the tag “vegan-webinar” in Manage Subscribers, create a new segment and send.

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