Click2Mail Releases Microsoft Office Add-in to Automate Postal Mailing

Click2Mail Releases Microsoft Office Add-in to Automate Postal Mailing

Click2Mail prints and mails documents via USPS from any connected device for not much more than the cost of a stamp

In an attempt to bridge the world of digital and hardcopy communications, Click2Mail, a cloud-based hybrid mail systems provider, released its first Microsoft Office add-in to automate postal-related functions for businesses.

Lee Garvey, Founder, and CEO, Click2Mail

Microsoft Word users can now mail physical documents via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) directly from any device by installing Click2Mail add-in. A similar feature was added to Google docs, few years ago.

“Given the worldwide popularity and power of Microsoft Word, the new Click2Mail add-in is a notable advance in creating a seamless link between digital devices we use every day and businesses’ enduring need to send physical mail,” said Lee Garvey, Founder, and CEO, Click2Mail, a long-time advocate for the growth and success of small business.

In 2014, Google docs had released a Click2Mail add-on for creating and sending business mail, in addition to sending postal mail from any device.

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No Printing, Permits or Trips to Post Office

Microsoft Word users need to first create a Click2Mail account. They can choose or create a letter-sized or legal-sized document to mail. Thereafter, recipients need to be chosen by highlighting a postal delivery address within the document. Users can type an address or select a previously saved address or list from their Click2Mail account. At the click of a button, Click2Mail prints and mails the document for not much more than the cost of a stamp.

Collaborate on Projects, and Synchronise Mailing Data

In real-time, businesses can collaborate on mailing projects with partners or clients by sharing documents via Microsoft 365. Microsoft Word’s many features and add-ins can be used to create dynamic, compelling mail pieces. Users can also synchronize mailing list data between the add-in and and use lists in both places.

Companies in the US can automate postal-related functions and bring them out of the mailroom and into the cloud with Click2Mail. That means no printing, no postage meters, no permits, no subscription fees, and fewer trips to the post office for business customers.

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