Globi Web Solutions Introduces EmailPet-An Inbox Automation Program

Globi Web Solutions Introduces EmailPet-An Inbox Automation Program

The platform filters emails and sends them to the right people within an individual workplace, ensuring that repetitive tasks are automated

Globi Web Solutions introduced EmailPet, a cloud-based email management platform offering inbox automation to keep the inbox clean and dramatically reduce distractions in an email.

Andreas Huttenrauch, Founder, Globi Web Solutions

Andreas Huttenrauch, the Founder of Globi Web Solutions, said, “I created EmailPet to address my own needs, and it has grown into a very useful service now used by thousands.”

The EmailPet program has been around for a while and is marketed as a SaneBox alternative. Huttenrauch stated that SaneBox had multiple disadvantages and other email management systems were still missing some critical email automation functions. EmailPet lets users add up to 5 email addresses to their accounts, whereas Sanebox offered four and was comparatively expensive.

“EmailPet is a brilliant addition to mobile devices as you can have huge flexibility in how you deal with email when you’re on the road,” said Jordan Fleming, MD, Gamechangersa dynamic consultancy that specializes in designing, building and integrating bespoke business systems.


EmailPet works with all platforms and mail clients. The platform filters and sends the emails to the right people within an individual workplace. This is done so that repetitive tasks are automated as email messages with learned addresses or subjects can be acted upon.  It also prevents expected emails or emails from known senders ending up in your spam folder by accident.

Moves Important emails from Spam to Inbox

For those who use an online task management app, EmailPet helps to convert an email into To-do-task in Todoist, ToodleDo, Any.Do, and Asana.  Additionally, it offers a specific feature for Gmail, where users can auto bcc an email address while sending an email through the platform.

Convert Email into Task Reminder

Many cloud email services don’t provide conditional forwarding filters like EmailPet. The platform can hook up users with Gmail, IMAP, and Exchange servers. It enables users to forward emails to another address if received during non-business hours. Also, the email program automatically flings unimportant emails (newsletters) out of the Inbox and into the user’s read later folder.

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Flinging emails Automatically

Users can save an email to Evernote for future reference by simply moving it to a mail folder. They can also snooze an email until the next day or next week. It provides SMS text alerts on urgent emails and automatically files inbound receipts in the receipts folder. It also allows you to auto-forward receipts to,, etc.

The company offers a free trial for this service. Globi Web solutions product provides convenient workplace automation and assistance programs. Its product portfolio includes Podio Super Menu, GlobiFlow for Podio (acquired by Citrix), EmaiPer, PoodleSync, and GlobiMail for Podio.

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