Pixrit Launches New All-In-One Social Media Management and Gallery Platform for Photographers

Pixrit Launches New All-In-One Social Media Management and Gallery Platform for Photographers

10x Faster Than Other Social Media Management Platforms

Pixrit (pronounced ‘picture-it’) has launched the first ever all-in-one platform to help photographers manage their photos and auto-share them to their social networks. Pixrit combines the fastest social media manager with state-of-the-art galleries, thus birthing the ultimate online platform.

“Pixrit’s state-of-the-art features make it not only significantly faster, but the intuitive visually-driven interface is far easier to use,” says Todd Surber, owner and founder of Pixrit, LLC. “Our image-forward design is ideal for photographers and visual artists to see and arrange their posts to be scheduled.”

Until now, social media managers have functioned with plain, single-upload, calendar-based interfaces. “Pixrit has completely changed the way we manage our social media. This is going to revolutionize the industry,” notes Ben Chrisman, world–renowned photographer of Chrisman Studios.

Pixrit is a cloud-based platform that places images up-front and center at all times. Its unique features include, among others:

– A combination of social media manager and showcasing galleries, whereby only a single upload is required for backing up, sharing, or presenting to current and future clients
– The ability to schedule posts up to 20 times faster than Hootsuite and 12 times faster than Buffer and Sprout Social. Users can upload and schedule a month’s worth of sharing to 5 social networks in less than 5 minutes
– Bulk capabilities for uploading, applying content (unique for each network), editing, arranging, staging and sharing
– A Social Sidebar that displays all social activity for all networks
– A Social Library that stores all images with their captions and hashtags
– Automatic image resizing uniquely optimized for each network


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