Advertising Week New York: Tencent Illustrates a Digital Future


Advertising Week New York, the largest annual conference of global advertising and marketing professionals, held its 14th opening ceremony on Sep. 25th. The conference features global advertisers including WPP, Publicis Group, Dentsu, DDB Worldwide, and internet giants from around the world. As the only Chinese internet company invited to this world-class marketing celebration, Tencent has held extensive discussions with industry-leading minds on marketing opportunities and innovations as well as the future of digital commerce.

Steven Chang
Steven Chang

In three sessions and panel discussions with global experts as well as advertisers and agencies, Tencent introduced its latest digital advertising practice and innovative digital marketing ecosystem in China. The company has exhibited the influence of China’s mobile internet and discussed what makes the Chinese market unique and attractive. In addition to introducing the ONE Tencent marketing philosophy, Steven Chang, Corporate Vice President of Tencent, held extensive discussions with partners on key differences between American and Chinese consumers, the need for more standardized data systems between different digital platforms, and major trends impacting the future of digital marketing.

Leading China’s Digital Advertising Ecosystem via the Power of Integration

It is estimated that China’s digital advertising market will reach 50 billion USD by 2017, making China the world’s second largest of its kind. Tencent’s complete set of internet products and services is part of the daily life of more than 700 million online Chinese individuals. In his remarks, Steven Chang showcased that Tencent’s products now reach 98 percent of Chinese “Netizens” and account for 58 percent of their time spent online. Through its comprehensive product portfolio, Tencent’s solutions touch all aspects of daily life including information search access, online shopping, travel, sports and entertainment.

Tencent also boasts an increasingly mature content ecosystem spanning more than seven major segments including gaming, film/TV series, sports, music, news, novels and anime. Capitalizing on its content resource and social media power, Tencent has established an integrated intellectual property-based marketing ecosystem. “In China, Tencentmight be the only company that has the ability to create a ‘universe’ that covers all types of content while with culture at the heart,” said Steven Chang. Few companies have the depth of expertise and capabilities to build this type IP-based marketing system. Tencent’s endeavor in this respect brings new ideas and inspires new opportunities for digital marketing across the globe.

Data and technology power the Tencent’s innovative solutions. At AdWeek, Steven Chang discussed the company’s charity initiative that won gold award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which helps identify missing people through Tencent’s powerful face recognition technology  a combination of Tencent Cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). Tencent works with advertisers by sharing its huge amount of user data and leveraging Tencent Cloud and latest AI technology to get accurate and the most specific user insight.

Based on connectivity, powered by content and social mediaTencent is pushing boundaries leading marketing innovations. Through new business ecosystem combining product, data, technology, content, media and platform, Tencent covers all daily life scenarios and the entire industry chain, helping brands get in-depth consumer insight, forecast the market and make smart marketing decisions. “Collectively, Tencent’s products form a connector which is not just changing the way people live and think, but redefining the way brand communicates with consumers.”

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