Botify Becomes Full-Service SEO Platform with Latest Innovation, Botify Keywords

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Botify, the premiere full-service SEO platform for enterprise companies, introduced their latest innovation, Botify Keywords. With the addition of Botify Keywords, Botify becomes the first platform to deliver visibility into the entire search ranking process.

Botify was founded on the idea that if you optimize the search process from technical SEO foundation to intent behind the search query, you will improve the overall quality of your website and increase its desktop and mobile rankings.

Botify’s multi-award winning applications are responsible for the success of the Botify platform. Botify Analytics is the world-leading crawler giving SEOs the ultimate technical SEO and crawlability insights. Botify Log Analyzer is the only web server log file analysis application dedicated to SEO demonstrating how a well-optimized crawl budget can impact SEO performance.

With the release of Botify Keywords, the Botify platform unifies, for the first time, real ranking data (not scraped keywords) with the most advanced technical SEO insights.

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Adrien Menard

“With our two initial products, Botify Analytics and Botify Log Analyzer, Botify has already revolutionized the way search marketers optimize search engine crawling and indexing. Our innovative new solution, Botify Keywords now reconciles the power of search keywords with technical SEO. It demonstrates, in a unified platform, the hundreds of factors that can influence the entire search ranking process. It shows website quality, the way the website is crawled and indexed by search engines, and the keywords and content that are actually searched by people. First results of websites optimized based on Botify Keywords insights are fantastic,” said Adrien Menard, CEO of Botify.

Botify Keywords gives search marketers back the power of real search queries. Botify’s new rank optimization solution is based on the automatic integration of Google Search Console accounts into the Botify platform. Keyword performance analysis is paired with 350+ technical SEO metrics across all keywords pulled from Google Search Console. This new technology allows us to deliver the millions of keywords that are actually driving organic search traffic and revenue to enterprise companies.

“Thanks to Botify Keywords, search marketers can rediscover the power of keywords and search intent. Botify users can see the exhaustive list of keywords visitors are using to search for their site. They can understand when people start searching for major events like Black Friday, Christmas or summer sales. Our customers can even detect trends as they are happening then capture growing demand. With Botify Keywords, SEOs can win market share and understand search behavior across devices,” said Adrien Menard, CEO of Botify.

Botify Keywords is the result of years of research from the Botify team. With the addition of this new solution, Botify can finally offer visibility into every step of the search process from foundation to performance. No other product offers the scale or depth of data of Botify’s full-service SEO platform.

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