Taboola Launches Endless Scrolling Feature for the Open Web

Taboola Launches Endless Scrolling Feature for the Open Web

Taboola Feed places data next to brand safe content and targets the right audience

Taboola, the leading content discovery platform, launched the Taboola Feed – a continuous-scrolling feed for advertisers and publishers.

Adam Singolda, CEO, Taboola

The Taboola Feed enables users to scroll infinitely after reading an article to discover content, in feed videos, products, app downloads and much more. This functionality is similar to that of Facebook and Twitter.

The initiative aims to encourage users to spend more time on a website while sharing content they may be interested in consuming next. “Imagine an experience like Instagram or Facebook that starts when an article ends, on your favorite website. I could not be more excited to completely revolutionize our entire front-end product line on the 10th year of our journey,” said Adam Singolda, CEO, and Founder, of Taboola, a content discovery platform that reaches 1 billion users a month globally.

Publishers can choose the format and data

Available on mobile and desktop, the Taboola feed interface displays cards of different information and formats over which the publisher has full control.  The publisher can decide whether it wants to populate the feed with organic or sponsored cards in a vertical or horizontal format.

Organic cards will include editorial content and sponsored card displays recommended content from publishers own or other publishers site. The feed offers single feature card as well as horizontal scrolling carousel cards.

Taboola Feed displays ad next to safe and quality content

Taboola Feed enables advertisers to leverage the same formats that are available on social networks to target the right audiences but the data is placed adjacent to premium and brand-safe content. New York Daily News is the first publisher to test and implement Taboola feed. It witnessed a 26 % rise in revenue, and 40 % rise in engagement on mobile, after deploying the solution on its pages last month.

Putting an End to the widget economy

Singolda said that this initiative marks the end of the widget economy and an opportunity to finally streamline the competing priorities that publishers have for users’ attention throughout their site.

“I believe the user experience of the open web has to change and become integrated, evolving from widgets appearing at the top, mid-article, along with the right rail and at the bottom of the article.  We have a lot to learn from social networks on that front. I also believe advertisers need to have both amazing formats and the ability to target the right audience — while appearing natively on the best sites and content in a safe environment. Taboola Feed is just the beginning in serving this mission – to deliver scale with brand safety,” continued Singolda.

In January this year, Taboola acquired  Commerce Sciences, that enabled smaller e-commerce companies to add “Amazon-style” personalization for their websites.

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