Vistar Media Partners with LiveRamp and Acxiom to Innovate New Targeting and Measurement Strategies for Out-of-Home Media

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Vistar MediaVistar Media, a geospatial technology firm specializing in out of home (OOH) media announced on Tuesday its partnerships with LiveRamp and Acxiom to harness their first- and third-party data-sets for OOH media planning, buying and attribution.

Vistar Media’s ingests the physical locations and movements of consumers, drawing insights from their behavior. They use these insights to define and target audiences in the physical world through our proprietary cross-screen location-based platform.

“This is important because brands are looking for holistic solutions to reach and understand consumers across channels and measure the impact of media spend,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO of Vistar Media.
“By bringing OOH into the fold through Vistar’s partnership with LiveRamp and Acxiom, we’re helping brands get one step closer toward using their own data to make media buying decisions and measure ROI across all channels,” he added.

Vistar Media platform analyses consumer behavior in the physical world outside their homes, a space traditionally relegated to billboards – without the consumer behavior data.

“Marketers want every channel in their mix to be fully addressable and measurable,” said Travis May, GM and president at LiveRamp. “Through this industry first solution for out-of-home media optimization, marketers can now extend their data onboarding strategies in a whole new direction.”

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