CloudCommerce’s Indaba Group Partners with Magento and Retail Dive to Create Industry Playbook

CloudCommerce's Indaba Group Partners with Magento and Retail Dive to Create Industry Playbook

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Latest collaboration between Indaba Group and Magento demonstrates continued commitment and enthusiasm productive partnership.

Indaba Group, Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of CloudCommerce, Inc., announced that its subsidiary the Indaba Group has partnered with Magento and Retail Dive to create an industry best practices guidebook for online merchants. CloudCommerce, Inc. provides advanced e-Commerce services to leading brands customers to help them compete effectively in the $1.6 trillion worldwide e-Commerce market.

Idea is to Enhance Customer Experience within Magento E-commerce Platform

Indaba Group, Inc. is a Colorado-based strategic e-Commerce agency, specializing in enterprise software development, e-Commerce platform development, creative services and customer experience management.

Launched In 2012, Retail Dive is a prominent retail industry publication designed to meet the needs of busy industry executives by providing insights and analysis to help them do their jobs. The online publication has grown over the years, as traditional business media was slow to adapt.

Measure Your E-Commerce Adaptability in Today’s Digital Age

Riding a wave of recent organic growth, Indaba has garnered significant attention from various industry influencers. Among interested parties were the likes of industry media giant Retail Dive, who invited Indaba CEO Ryan Shields to contribute as an expert commentator to a special edition industry playbook. Titled “The Flexibility Imperative: How to Measure Your e-Commerce Adaptability in Today’s Digital Age,” the exclusive publication contains expert advice and industry best practices aimed at guiding online merchants to success in the marketplace.

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“Online retailers and B2B merchants need to be armed with the best intelligence and advice,” said Indaba CEO Ryan Shields.

“As with the human body — it’s important to keep nimble and limber to stay flexible. It’s the same with e-Commerce infrastructure. You need to keep it fueled and exercised to keep it flexible. We are honored to have contributed to this paper and we’re confident that our process and adherence to best practices will aid brands in this digital arms race, and this playbook will help them achieve a durable competitive advantage.”

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The new Retail Dive playbook will be published in May 2017, and also features commentary from Peter Sheldon, Vice President of Strategy for Magento Commerce, a worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation. This collaboration with Magento further demonstrates both parties’ continued commitment and enthusiasm in their productive partnership.

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