Cloudwords and Lilt Join Forces to Bring Interactive Machine Translation for Faster Multilingual Content Creation

Cloudwords and Lilt Join Forces to Bring Interactive Machine Translation for Faster Multilingual Content Creation

Cloudwords is backed by Marc Benioff.  By partnering with Lilt, the company aims to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end localization workflow for large enterprise organizations with high volume, complex content localization demands

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Enterprise marketers often find themselves buried under heaps of content that go unattended. This happens mostly due to lack of automation in content and data assets management. Artificial intelligence with machine learning algorithms seemingly offers the fastest, easiest and most reliable path to manage global and local content with optimized workflow productivity. That’s exactly why Cloudwords reached out to Lilt to help marketers boost their content productivity with automated translation capabilities.

Marketers can achieve optimized marketing proficiency using more personalized content, in more languages, to more customers at a speed, quality, and scale impossible to achieve with manual processes

The San Francisco-based content marketing company currently caters to global brands, including Amazon Web Services, CA Technologies, McDonald’s, Marketo, Oracle, Hubspot and Iron Mountain. Backed by Storm Ventures, UMC Capital and Marc Benioff, founder of, Cloudwords is focussed at delivering unprecedented visibility into the content localization process.

Global Marketing Productivity Powered by Machine Translation Technology

Cloudwords, a software provider for global content localization, recently announced it has partnered with Lilt, an AI-infused translation platform, to deliver an end-to-end localization solution that incorporates the best of both Cloudwords’ and Lilt’s technology solutions: Cloudwords software speeds global marketing workflows and Lilt’s interactive Machine Translation (MT) and CAT software boosts translator productivity.

Together, Cloudwords and Lilt will offer multinational organizations with high volume, complex localization demands the ability to shorten localization turnaround times, reduce cost and increase quality for multilingual content. The joint solution further enables global marketers to more quickly and efficiently create and deliver localized marketing campaigns and content at scale.

Richard Harpham, CEO- Cloudwords
Richard Harpham, CEO- Cloudwords


Richard Harpham, CEO at Cloudwords, demonstrates his confidence about choosing Lilt as a partner. Harpham says, “Cloudwords offers customers a complete solution to both speed the localization workflow and shortens translation turnaround times, enabling marketers to significantly accelerate go-to-market launch timelines.”

Cognitive Capabilities Add to an Improved Localization Quality

Lilt’s technology enables a human+machine partnership to accelerate human translation and improve machine translation quality. As users translate on Lilt, the system offers translation suggestions and learns from human feedback.

Lilt is the first production MT system that learns from that feedback in real-time, eliminating lag time for system re-training, which typically takes days or weeks. The system increases the productivity of a translator by 2-3 times and improves overall localization quality and message consistency.

Translation Tools Infused with Intelligence
Translation Tools Infused with Intelligence via Lilt

“We started Lilt to help people transcend language barriers to information access. Global businesses rely on Cloudwords to manage their multilingual content. By supercharging their workflows with Lilt, companies can now imagine delivering all of their content to more customers in more markets faster,” said Spence Green, Lilt CEO and Co-founder.

Ideal Platform for International Enterprises Planning to Go Local

Enterprise organizations with large internal translation teams will benefit from Lilt’s interactive MT and CAT software, which improves translator productivity to shorten translation turnaround times. Cloudwords’ partner ecosystem, which includes nearly 500 professional language service providers (LSPs), can leverage the joint solution to further increase the efficiency of the translation process for Cloudwords’ customers.


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