Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Debuts at the Modern Customer Experience 2017


Oracle Content and Experience Cloud empowers organizations to deliver modern, engaging digital experiences in a new cloud-based content hub for drives omnichannel marketing asset management

Oracle today announced Oracle Content and Experience Cloud at its annual marketing event. The new cloud-based content hub is a digital experience platform that enables organizations to manage and deliver content to any digital channel. Theis helps enterprise content marketers to drive effective engagement with customers, partners, and employees.

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud allows organizations to easily create and distribute content in a meaningful way to improve brand engagement and customer growth and retention

“Organizations are faced with a deluge of content,” said David Le Strat, senior director, product management, Oracle. “Oracle Content and Experience Cloud helps organizations develop, use, and distribute content in a meaningful way to deliver contextualized experiences, improve customer loyalty, and create brand advocates.”

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“Renault Italy implemented CRUEL’s WONDER Marketing solution powered by Oracle Content and Experience Cloud in 2015 and 2016 and is now able to distribute marketing materials 90 percent faster and respond to its auto dealers 40 percent faster,” said Antonio Orefice, Business Account Manager, Renault Italia SPA.

Capabilities of Oracle Content and Experience Cloud 

Part of the Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Content and Experience Cloud delivers a single cloud-native platform for content production, management, and delivery across all lines of business. It provides unique capabilities to support a variety of business needs, from employee and customer engagement to sales enablement and business development.

Key capabilities include —

– Content Collaboration

Easily collaborate on content internally and with external teams. Discuss, share, and annotate content with mobile access, anywhere, anytime

– Centralized Content Hub

Utilize a single content hub to create, share, manage, and publish content to any channel, including business documents, digital assets, user-generated content, and web content

– Consistent Omnichannel Experience

Leverage rich APIs to deliver engaging experiences across any channels and put your business in charge with business-friendly tools

– Enhanced Enterprise Applications with Content

Manage content from within your enterprise applications and enhance your application experience

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Unlocks the True Potential of Content 

“In today’s digital economy, everyone expects to have a seamless experience across channels,” said Melissa Webster, program vice president, content and digital media technologies, IDC.

“Enterprises need the ability to unlock content from existing systems and drive native cloud content production to publish across any channels. This helps organizations deliver consistent omnichannel experiences for their customers and build brand advocates.”

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is uniquely capable of addressing the needs of both the business user and IT, enabling them to work together to deliver modern, engaging digital experiences (DX). The platform integrates with the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite, an integrated suite of cloud applications that empower organizations to take a smarter approach to customer experience management and business transformation initiatives.

The Content and Experience Cloud also integrates with a number of leading Oracle Cloud Platform services, including Oracle Process Cloud, Oracle Mobile Cloud, and Oracle Integration Cloud. This forms the most comprehensive and powerful DX platform for managing content operations, data integration, complex workflow management, and mobile and marketing automation capabilities.

MarTech Series is doing a special Oracle #MME17 Interview Series with the attendees and the sponsors of the event. Stay tuned for more updates.

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