‘Yandex Zen’ Enables Publishers to Manage Content in 50 Languages

Yandex Zen

Yandex has announced the release of its new AI-powered and personally targeted content feed called ‘Yandex Zen’.

A leading search provider in Russia, Yandex is one of Europe’s largest internet companies. Yandex Zen is a new platform for content creation and distribution on mobile devices, that will be accessed by millions of users globally and will be open to both large media companies and bloggers.

Yandex Zen enables content creators, media companies and publishers to directly share stories. It has already become the largest source of traffic in media sites for both desktop and mobile handset users. Available in 50 languages in more than 100 countries, Yandex Zen reaches a daily audience of 6 million people in Russia.

Head of Yandex, Victor Lamburt said, “Just think how many great stories never get heard because they fail to reach their audience. Now artificial intelligence can solve this problem. There are stories everywhere: journalists report on important events, companies announce their products, bloggers write about anything and everything. Our goal is to give them new storytelling tools and find an appreciative audience for every story.”

The Wonder called ‘Yandex Zen’

The platform allows publishers to create their own medium through videos, texts and advertisements who can freely explore mobile formats and carry out their media projects.

Companies can utilize the platform to connect and engage their customers by sharing their brand stories, promoting ideas, distributing marketing insights, and using native advertisements.

Yandex Zen is a means for independent authors to publish stories and monetize their advertisements while reaching to a large audience.

Brands like Nike, Quiksilver, Vogue, MAXIM, Esquire, RBC media group, geographic magazine Vokrug Sveta, and many others are using the new story-telling format from Yandex Zen, called ‘Narratives’. The format consists of multiple easy-to-flip-through screens for multimedia content such as photos, GIFs, videos and text.

Yandex’s sponsorship program supports independent authors, media outlets and teams who publish on original content on the platform and are popular among Yandex Zen users. The Yandex Browser, home page and mobile application are integrated with the Yandex Zen content recommendation service. Powered by AI, it offers personalized suggestions to each user.


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