CloudCommerce Launches New Digital Marketing Division

CloudCommerce Acquires WebTegrity

CloudCommerce Broadens Its Cloud Commerce Services Offerings To Include The Rapidly Growing Digital Marketing Services Segment To Support Leading Brands

CloudCommerce, a global provider of cloud commerce services to leading brands, introduced its new digital marketing division, which aims to provide services such as Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Media Strategy/Marketing, Search Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, Sales Enablement, Data Analytics, and Brand Strategy/Brand Experiences.

CloudCommerce has sought to expand into these areas through direct sales efforts to existing clients, prospective clients, and partnerships, as well as through the strategic acquisition of digital marketing services firms.

A research project conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, more than 50% of all the businesses they surveyed claimed that their content marketing efforts are suffering due to insufficient time devoted to it. Companies like CloudCommerce aim to tap this gap in the market and offer content marketing strategy and such associated services at competitive prices, to meet the needs of these target customers.

The sheer size of the digital marketing industry is substantial, and industry analysts have forecast tremendous growth over the next few years. PQ Media estimates that by 2019, global content marketing spending would stand at $ 300 billion, and Borrell Associates estimates that SEO related spending in the US alone will reach approximately $ 80 billion by 2020. This will include spending on both in-house experts as well as outsourced or contracted firms such as CloudCommerce.

Andrew Van Noy
Andrew Van Noy, CEO, CloudCommerce

CloudCommerce’s CEO Andrew Van Noy said, “The world has gone digital. The ways in which we access information, consume content, engage with brands, and make purchasing decisions have been revolutionized by the myriad of digital touchpoints we encounter throughout our daily lives. What was once a luxury to be able to communicate and interact with customers via digital devices has now become a necessity. It is no longer sufficient to simply have a ‘one-size fits all’ desktop or mobile website.”

Van Noy concluded, “Your audience expects to receive a customized experience catered to their specific situation. The first touchpoint with a customer when they become aware of your brand, products or services is crucial. Providing relevant content and information about your brand, product or services in their decision-making journey requires dedication, consistency, and creativity. Engaging with customers through blogs, newsletters, emails and various forms of social media can turn that customer into a brand advocate and loyal customer for life. While conceptually understanding this process is relatively easy, it can be very complicated to successfully execute on a digital marketing plan, and our clients need a trusted partner to help guide them through this process. We are excited about the launch of this new division to serve our clients’ needs in this vital area.”

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