Facebook’s CrowdTangle Expands Partnership with Chartbeat to Fight Fake News Menace Effectively

Facebook's CrowdTangle Expands Partnership with Chartbeat to Fight Fake News Menace Effectively

CrowdTangle + Chartbeat

Chartbeat, the leading content intelligence platform for editors and news publishers, announced the expansion of its partnership with the Facebook-owned social media analytics tool—CrowdTangle. The latest global partnership in content marketing ecosystem aims at expanding the combined Offsite Social analytics suite. The broadened boundaries of Offsite Social analytics will endow news publishers with better insights into their efforts through accurate social metrics, wider global monitoring capabilities and increased accessibility for thousands of newsrooms around the world.

“CrowdTangle and Chartbeat are two of the most trusted analytics tools in the newsroom, and combining our resources is just one more way we can help journalists, editors, and social media editors understand the full value of their content in real time,” said Brandon Silverman, CEO of CrowdTangle.

“This is one of the few tools on the market that connect the dots between onsite and offsite content consumption for media companies around the globe, and we are excited about the impact this can have for newsrooms.”

Under the expanded partnership, new publishers will enjoy –

  • Expanded Facebook social media metrics across the world, without requiring a CrowdTangle subscription
  • Twitter monitoring expanded to more than 33% of all verified accounts
  • Transparent, accurate and verified social analytics and metrics on new consumption
  • Curtail the growing menace of “Fake News” and malvertising that affect quality and accuracy of news, thereby hampering consumption of social media content

“In this time of uncertainty about the origin of news and how it’s being distributed and consumed, it is critical that publishers and newsrooms everywhere have the data they need about quality news consumption.” — Chartbeat CEO John Saroff.

In February, Facebook and Google separately announced their plans to fight fake news that has exploded in the US post-Presidential elections. As a part of this initiative, Facebook is offering CrowdTangle to help monitor election-related posts on social media and focusing on other “media literacy efforts”. Top news agencies rely on CrowdTangle to reduce the amount of misinformation that goes into creating hoax tales and distorted facts.


Last year the Chartbeat Offsite Social offering was announced as a beta feature and made available to a limited number of customers who had both Chartbeat and CrowdTangle. With this announcement and thanks to the Facebook acquisition of CrowdTangle, Chartbeat has been able to make this product even more valuable and accessible to thousands more publishers and media companies around the world.

Until now, content creators have been in the dark about the link between articles posted on their websites and related social activity offsite. Since Facebook accounts for 40% of global mobile referral traffic and 14% of desktop referrer traffic, it has become more and more critical for publishers to understand this link.

Chartbeat’s Offsite Social solution closes this gap by helping publishers understand and optimize content consumption on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s currently used by major media companies around the world.

Through this expanded partnership, which has been made more robust due to investments from Facebook, Chartbeat customers will have the most comprehensive social media performance data available as well as broader global coverage and monitoring across platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Chartbeat is the first editorial analytics platform to have this deep integration with CrowdTangle.

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