Grip Automates the Production of Visual Content for Physical Goods in Real-Time

Grip, an online platform that automates the production of visual content for physical goods, was launched today by INDG, a company specializing in computer-generated imagery. Using their patented technology, Grip processes photo input or CAD files and generates a virtual version of the product that is available in real-time for generating visual content for any touchpoint, increasing speed to market, enabling more output for the same cost and giving control back to the marketers, ensuring on-brand consistency across campaigns, e-commerce and social media.

Along with the launch of Grip comes the launch of Grip’s first solution, Still Shots. This is a web tool that enables marketers to organize a ‘photoshoot’ in real time by moving the product, selecting the angle, choosing the background, changing the artwork, and receiving a rendered image within minutes. Still Shots can also fully automate visual content workflow, integrating existing content management systems via the Still Shots API in addition to the web interface for regular users.

Frans Vriesendorp
Frans Vriesendorp – CEO at INDG

65% of companies say their biggest challenge with creating visual content is lack of time or staff. ” said Frans Vriesendorp, CEO and Founder of INDG. “The current way of working involves intensive manual work and doesn’t scale well for companies that have a large product catalog, which means a lot of visuals end up not being created. Grip’s patented technology enables companies to produce 10 times the visual content at 10 times the speed, while ensuring brand consistency, at the same cost.

I’m not saying anything new when stating that digital marketing and social media are both experiencing massive growth. This means that companies and marketers need more visual content than ever before,” said Vriesendorp. “The magnitude and volume of visual content production has reached an intimidating scale. And that’s just the beginning: the demand for content will continue to grow exponentially.”

Rob van Griensven
Rob van Griensven –  Heineken

“Heineken as well as two other multinational CPG brands, together with their agency Boomerang, have been using Grip in a closed beta to create their visual marketing content. Now, Grip is opening up for more companies in an invitation-only initial release.

Still Shots helped us to produce hundreds of images for Facebook and Instagram with great quality—and consistently so. They have been always on-brand even when the bottle is shown within complicated scenes or environments.” —— Rob van Griensven, Head of Media, Sponsoring & CRM at Heineken.


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