LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform Adds New AI-Powered Automated Actions


LookBookHQ, a content marketing and sales enablement platform, took the opportunity at SiriusDecisions Summit 2017 to announce ground-breaking enhancements to its Intelligent Content Platform. The new functionality adds more power to the existing content platform, enabling marketers to deliver best content asset.

New functionality makes it easier for marketers to objectively evaluate the quality of every click they generate and tie everything back to revenue.

LookBookHQ’s flagship product, the Intelligent Content Platform is a successful martech solution for marketers to keep buyers engaged longer. It also accelerates sales processes through self-nurturing. By introducing new functionalities, LookBookHQ aims to fill the gap between evolving Marketing automation and content delivery technology.  This advancement will help B2B content marketers to scale their existing marketing efforts, enabling them to deliver successful content across multiple channels.

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LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform Delivers Next Best Content to the Right Audience

LookBookHQ builds software that accelerates B2B purchase decisions by delivering more of the content people need about you and your products or services whenever and wherever they click. The LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform helps marketing & sales organizations educate prospects and customers faster and more efficiently. With attention at a premium, Content Science™ makes it easier for the right people to get the right content when they need it to drive revenue.

LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform-New Enhancements
LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform Portfolio

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Currently, LookBookHQ offers two products for B2B content marketing —

  • LookBookHQ Target

B2B content marketers use LookBookHQ Target to curate and deliver personalized content experiences or ‘playlists’ for known audiences. Target is capable of moving your prospects through the most effective content journeys. Moreover, it delivers more content per click to engaged prospects who want more right now.

Using Target, enterprise content marketers can dramatically improve conversion rates across marketing programs and identify sales-ready buyers. For defined audiences, Target is the ideal destination from any click or channel.

  • LookBookHQ Recommend

LookBookHQ exemplifies the automation technology within content sequencing engine. Recommend maximizes prospects’ attention by promoting the next best content asset at all engagement touch points. Using Content Science™, LookBookHQ’s proprietary machine-learning, data, and algorithms, Recommend enables you to use self-learning, dynamically-generated content experiences to convert anonymous visitors to know prospects and identify what sequence of content works for your audience.

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Overview: New Updates to LookBookHQ’s Intelligent Content Platform 

Nick Edouard, President and Chief Product Officer at LookBookHQ, explains the purpose of adding more functionalities within the Intelligent Content Platform. Nick says, “The metrics that marketers depend on today for evaluating success and understanding buyer qualification are enormously limited.”

Self-Nurture Buyers using AI

Buyer-centric content experiences powered by artificial intelligence. Identify the next best content assets to consume in the same session, encouraging buyers to self-nurture at their own pace instead of waiting for the next email in your drip campaign. High-level analytics removes the guesswork in delivering optimal content sequences for audiences, offering a bird’s eye view on content performance.

LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform-2
LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform-High-Level Analytics

Real Engagement at Real-Time

Real engagement analytics that shows what happened on the destination side of the click or form fill. Answer the age-old questions “Are they really sales-ready?” and “Which channels are driving the best engagement?”

Content Tracker for Quick Enablement

A content library that houses existing branded and third-party content in one place. Deploy and track your content across every channel, including email, social, paid advertising, corporate web sites, and resource centers.

Actionable Content with Automation

Extensible, scalable webhooks integrations with marketing automation platforms. Make content engagement data actionable by alerting your sales team when prospects self-nurture on multiple content assets.

Nick adds, “Clicks and form-fills only tell part of the story. What marketers need to understand is, ‘Was your marketing actually consumed and are your prospects truly qualified?’ The LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform accommodates real buying behavior and provides the engagement data that’s essential for marketing success.”

“B2B buyers are behaving a lot more like consumers. They don’t want to wait for your next email,” says Mervyn Alamgir, Senior Director of Marketing at TIBCO Software, a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics. Alamgir adds, “Using LookBookHQ, we adopted a self-nurture model and put the control back in the hands of our customers.” As a result, TIBCO saw a 92% increase in sales qualified leads and improved lead velocity by 40%.

By adding new enhancements to Intelligent Content Platform powered by Content Science, LookBookHQ aims to simplify enterprise content marketing with experienced leadership taking care of the brand reputation for maximized ROI.

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