Meet the Latest Facebook Marketing Partner for Video Content Category — Mosaicoon

Meet the Latest Facebook Marketing Partner for Video Content Category -- Mosaicoon
via Mosaicoon
via Mosaicoon

Mosaicoon is the first company for content marketing based in Italy, to be named as a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Mosaicoon, the award-winning Italian tech company that provides video content solutions, has been named as a Facebook Marketing Platform. The new partnership will enable social media marketers to leverage the fast and cost-effective video monetization platform from Mosaicoon. Facebook marketers will able to access Mosaicoon’s solutions in the Content Marketing specialty, specifically focusing on video.

Mosaicoon’s Founder and CEO Ugo Parodi Giusino says –

We are proud to be selected as Facebook Marketing Partner and enthusiastic to continue our work with the greatest brands on Facebook.”

As a Facebook Marketing partner, Mosaicoon joins a global community of technology companies that are known for excellence in seven marketing categories –

  • Advertising Solutions
  • Community Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Audience Data Providers
  • SME Solutions
  • Audience Onboarding
  • Mobile App Campaign Performance Measurement

Mosaicoon is the first Italian company that Facebook chose as a partner for content marketing. The Sicily-based video marketing platform enables marketers to build Video-First brands, offering top quality video content that is original, engaging and ROI-specific. In short, Mosaicoon campaigns help “supercharge your video strategy”.

Mosaicoon provides tailor-made customized video content that can either be developed or rebranded for immediate consumption, with guaranteed performances.  Video content providers that offer inventories for browsing, purchasing and building can also leverage this platform to drive more engagements. Mosaicoon offers video content strategy over an ingenious platform, which it brands as – the “Human Creativity Engine”.

Giusino adds, “With Facebook being a video-first company, we are excited to contribute to an increase of video consumption toward good quality content and to boost brands’ video communication by reducing any complexity and solely engaging their users with relevant content. Video is the new language of digital, users are looking at videos everywhere, and brands need to take it into account if they want to properly reach their audience. Our goal is to give companies all the video content they need to become publishers, and Facebook Marketing Program is a great opportunity of synergy toward this direction.”

In addition to the revolutionary video strategy and solutions, Mosaicoon also provides matchmaking AI-powered keyword tagging feature for videos, enabling brands to pick relevant video inventories that match their business demands. The proprietary algorithm named “Sonar” helps clients plan the best video strategy by identifying the items they need to cover by video communications.

For brand marketers looking to monetize their video content, Mosaicoon provides a pricing model called “CPVplus”. This model allows brands to only pay content per effective views rather than purchasing videos at a fixed price.

This is the second big update on Mosaicoon in less than a year. In May 2016, the Sicily-based martech firm raised $9.67 million in Series B funding. The company has so far raised close to $15 million in three rounds of funding since its inception in 2010.

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