PulsePoint Launches New AI-Powered Content Marketing SaaS Platform

PulsePoint Launches New AI-Powered Content Marketing SaaS Platform

Story by PulsePoint increased average time on Cisco Technology News Site’s page by 77% above mobile benchmarks

PulsePoint, a global programmatic advertising platform, launched the next generation of its content marketing platform with enhanced AI and machine learning capabilities.

Andrew Stark, SVP of Content Solutions at PulsePoint

Called Story by PulsePoint, it provides unified content distribution across top social media channels, native and content discovery platforms and premium websites at global scale. This consolidates workflow and simplifies execution for content marketing.

According to Andrew Stark, SVP of Content Solutions at PulsePoint, “Story by PulsePoint is built to help brands make meaningful connections with consumers. Our technology focuses on engagement with content and provides actionable page-level behavior metrics to drive results and deliver successful campaigns.”

The new product helps marketers optimize consumers’ post-click behavior. It provides creative, audience and page-level engagement metrics across channel and format. In addition, Story enables marketers to achieve maximum results through optimization tools that adjust campaign configurations in real time. The AI and machine learning capabilities updates algorithms and continuously improves performance.

Walter Hu, Business Development, Cisco, said, “PulsePoint’s scale allowed us to achieve precise targeting in highly contextual environments, which can be a challenge.”

“Story by PulsePoint accounted for 98% of Cisco’s article traffic and increased average time on page by 77% above mobile benchmarks and 49% above desktop benchmarks.”

As consumers spend significant time with advertiser-produced, Pulsepoint optimizes this for post-click behavior. This, in turn, produces higher conversion rates than traditional marketing, brand recognition, and lifts sales.

PulsePoint launched its first programmatic content marketing platform in 2015. Much of PulsePoint’s growth can be attributed to key initiatives, such as content marketing, video, strategic partnerships, header bidding, and the recent launch of a programmatic health offering.

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