Quantomic’s Tagspire Brings AI into Social Commerce

Quantomic’s Tagspire Brings AI into Social Commerce

Tagspire, the online community built by Quantomic, will be unveiling one of the most persuasive social engagement channels to manage and improve user generated content. Tagspire adds the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create the most captivating content sharing platform that is expected to be released in its invite-only beta version by late spring of 2017.

As an independent part of Quantomic, Tagspire will continue to refine the platform over the next few months, leveraging the capabilities of TensorFlow, Google’s open-source library for machine intelligence. Karim Hijazi, founder and CEO of Quantomic says, “We’ve been working in stealth mode for over three years to compile a training data set derived from our user-generated content.”

The new social engagement channel has been developed to drive sales conversion using the effective user-generated content.

Basically, Tagspire aims at bringing regular content publishers into brand advocates and influencers, based on benchmark metrics set by machine learning algorithms.

Sales Conversion Set to Turn Real with Tagspire

Hijazi says, “The system can now “look” at a Tagspire post, identify and tag the products enabling viewers to purchase those products from the image, all completely autonomously. Then there’s the ability to reward that content creator with a commission, which elevates this to a new level for the influencer, affiliate or brand advocate. We are now aware of even more profound applications for it, such as augmented reality and VR. In fact, I think it is just the beginning which is very alluring.”

Why Tagspire built the new Social Commerce driver?

It started with a very simple question: “How can a user or brand further benefit from the output of their existing social networking behavior?”

The challenge to answer that question began with curating training data. The ever-increasing training set was compiled from the content and metadata created by our user base coupled with a database of over thirty million images.

“You do exactly what you would do with Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat, create content, except you get paid,” says Hijazi. “You won’t just be earning social credibility, you’ll actually be passively earning money from an existing habit.”

AI in Social Content Marketing

Content marketing companies are among the top buyers of AI tools for image recognition, syndication, and attribution. From Netflix to Facebook and Twitter, AI is the sweet spot for technology companies to invest into. Gartner already says that 20% of B2B companies will rely on machine-generated content for their revenues, while a similar number of companies are using AI to create, manage, distribute and optimize content for highest customer experience.

So yes, Tasgspire’s innovative AI-based social commerce channel is a healthy addition to the trend, highlighting that content publishers can no longer stay away from.

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