Revcontent Launches ‘Truth in Media Initiative’ to Combat Fake News

Revcontent Launches ‘Truth in Media Initiative’ to Combat Fake News

Revcontent took this step to improve user experience in the online advertising industry

Revcontent, a content recommendation network, officially launched its Truth in Media Initiative with the inclusion of a user driven-feedback mechanism for content recommendation companies to combat fake news.

John Lemp, CEO and Founder, Revcontent

Now, consumers can report content as fake news and allow Revcontent algorithms to learn from that across all of its widgets. The content recommendation platform has several other tools in development as part of the Truth in Media Initiative, to assist media brands and consumers in dealing with problems facing the media industry.

John Lemp, CEO and Founder, Revcontent, said, “The cornerstone of journalism is about a relationship between media companies and their users. As with any relationship, it needs to be built upon trust and creating a better user experience. We know that we and the entire online advertising industry need to keep improving and making the user the first priority.”

Over the next few weeks, these partnerships and innovations will be implemented across Revcontent’s network that reaches 97% of U.S. households.  

Richard Marques, CMO, Revcontent

“This is the first step in our Truth in Media Initiative that we’re really excited to launch. We have always been proactive in ensuring our consumers are protected with industry-leading technology that drives a powerful user experience, and now we also have an opportunity for them to report misinformation,” said Richard Marques, Chief Marketing Officer, Revcontent.

Quantcast named Revcontent as the world’s largest content recommendation network powering 250 billion content recommendations per month. In May 2017, Revcontent partnered with Protected Media, a global provider of digital advertising solutions that improve media quality of consumers and brands.

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