Searchmetrics Content Experience Creates New Paradigm For B2B Content Marketers and Storytellers

Searchmetrics Content Experience Creates New Paradigm For B2B Content Marketers and Storytellers

Guided creation and optimization helps marketers and writers deliver engaging, compliant-safe and revenue-producing content. Companies, now, can scale at ease by connecting content to audiences at the right time and in the right voice.

Searchmetrics, the leading SEO, and content management company, has finally introduced the world’s first agile content development platform for online marketers. Branded as Searchmetrics Content Experience, the latest content management development, and optimization platform will deliver a new paradigm for online marketers to build the best content that resonates with audiences and drives predictable results.

Together, the Searchmetrics SEO Suite and the new Searchmetrics Content Experience create an unrivaled platform for businesses who want to build, maintain and grow their online presence and through solid SEO practices and outstanding content development.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of this new era of Agile Content Development.” — Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics’ founder and CTO

Searchmetrics Content Experience provides Agile Content Development Path

Unveiled in September 2016, the Searchmetrics Content Experience is a path-finding solution that lets writers create engaging content optimized to reach their target group and stand atop search page rankings. Marketers can quickly optimize content production by identifying the right topics to create online content that resonates with current and potential customers.

Internal or external content teams work through an intuitive control console, driven by our deep learning engine, to plan, create and edit content that connects what people are searching for online. Such agile content developments help deliver a more predictable path to revenue gains after publishing.

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“For the first time, search engine optimization and content creation are coming together to give marketers the ultimate platform for creating content that increases online visibility and connects with their online audiences,” said Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics’ Founder and CTO.


Searchmetrics Content Experience - Content Editor
Searchmetrics Content Experience – Content Editor

Feedback, Insights, and Analytics – The Best Way to Address Content Creation and Optimization

The Searchmetrics Content Experience provides valuable feedback and insights on how best to address the needs of content creation and SEO. This tool is a must-have for all marketers looking to create content that drives ROI for their business. It merges the science of SEO with the creativity of content creation, allowing your team to easily create content that is optimized for search,” said John Hall, Co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co.

Topic Explorer is Based on Customer’s Search Intent

The Searchmetrics Content Experience demystifies the world of SEO for all content marketers, from global to hyper-local, helping them incorporate proven online techniques for ranking online. Using the Searchmetrics Content Experience’s Topic Explorer, marketers get an intuitive understanding of how different topics are related to the search intent of the consumer.

Searchmetrics Content Experience- Content Topics Search Tree
Searchmetrics Content Experience- Content Topics Search Tree

The information, obtained by parsing billions of bits of data in seconds, becomes the foundation for creating a content briefing with the marketer’s editorial team.

Content Editor Delivers Relevant Topics for Stories

The Searchmetrics Content Experience also features the Content Editor, a collaboration tool that delivers real-time guidance and feedback while writing on a specific topic. With an industry-best 250 billion data points to access, users instantly see what keywords and subtopics to optimize around a particular topic, as well as a snapshot of questions potential customers are already asking on the topic.

“To reach your audience, you need to truly understand them, with technology playing an increasingly crucial role. The best technologies are combining deep learning and data science so we can communicate more effectively with our audience,” said Joe Pulizzi, author and founder of the Content Marketing Institute. “I expect content driven by deep learning to become a new standard for content marketers as a result over time.”

Zero-Error and Duplicate-Free Content Branding

In the Searchmetrics Content Experience, editors and writer for the first time do not have to fear being penalized by search engines for duplicate content, with another feature called Compliance Check. The product’s deep learning engine analyses content across the web to highlight passages that may be duplicated elsewhere online, resulting in lower rankings on search engines.

In addition, the Searchmetrics Content Experience has an Analytics section that allows users to specifically track and evaluate selected keywords regarding organic performance. By launching the new content optimization platform, content marketers can hope to double their effectiveness and prime up their efforts in delivering engaging content across various channels.

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