1:1 Email Personalization Company Sigstr Taps Former Salesforce CPO Bryan Wade as New CEO

Bryan Wade via Stigstr

Sigstr, a leading SaaS provider for 1:1 email personalization, announced that it has appointed Brayan Wade as their new CEO. Wade, who is replacing Dan Hanrahan, the founder of the company, is the former Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Salesforce Marketing Clou. At Salesforce,  Wade led product management, product marketing, and UI/UX teams for 11 years, since joining the leading CRM solutions provider in 2005.

Sigstr announced their fresh addition to its top management to bring in more expertise for personalized products for B2B SaaS market. By hiring Wade as the new CEO, the email personalization platform is expected to accelerate their efforts in product innovation and delivery models. Former CEO Dan Hanrahan will remain the President of Sigstr, shifting his focus towards expanding its footprint across the SaaS marketplace through strategic partnerships and enterprise relationships.

Bryan Wade via Sigstr
Bryan Wade, CEO of Sigstr

Inspired by leading CEOs and thought leaders in the SaaS and marketing technology industries, Sigstr’s new CEO Bryan Wade blogged

“I’ve watched, listened and learned from industry-leading CEOs like Marc Benioff and. They’ve created big visions for their companies, and for the entire SaaS industry. I’m inspired by Parker Harris and Scott McCorkle. These are some of the smartest product leaders in SaaS. These brilliant minds have worked with customers to build products that have a great market fit. And they’ve created products that scale, products that actually fit what their customers, particularly at the enterprise level, need and want.”

On being appointed as CEO of Sigstr, Bryan Wade said, “Corporate email is undergoing a major transformation, and Sigstr is poised to help marketers leverage corporate email as a new marketing channel.” The incoming CEO further added, “My vision is to build the next frontier for email personalization, allowing the corporate marketer to control and personalize employee email from the subject line to the signature.”

Wade brings strong expertise in the product innovation department by virtue of his role as the CPO at Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Dan Hanrahan, Founder and ex-CEO
Dan Hanrahan, Founder and ex-CEO

Dan Hanrahan, Founder and ex-CEO of Sigstr said, “Bryan is an experienced product-focused leader and email evangelist. He’s also a person I trust and someone enterprise marketers look to as a thought leader.”

“His leadership helped ExactTarget and Salesforce achieve industry-leading status and I’m honored to have someone of his caliber leading Sigstr. He’s really the perfect person to propel Sigstr to the next level and beyond.”

The hiring of a new CEO follows Sigstr’s significant growth in 2016 where it registered 550% increase in its annual recurring revenue. In October 2016, the Indiana-based company unveiled its Dynamic Campaigns product, which unlocks employee email sent from Gmail and Outlook. Dynamic Campaigns is an internal collaboration tool that supports enterprise sales and marketing efforts seamlessly. In 2015, the email marketing and customization SaaS provider raised $1.5 million seed funding in December 2015.

On why Wade decided to join Sigstr, Wade mentions,

“Account-based customization and tailored email content still, for the most part, calls for manual copy-and-paste or legacy desktop solutions. But Sigstr has uniquely positioned themselves to take advantage of the trends in cloud and personalization to open an entirely new channel for marketers.”

Sigstr Dashboard
Sigstr Dashboard

So far, Sigstr has built strategic partnerships and native integrations, like HubSpot, Salesloft, Terminus, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Sigstr is unique as it allows marketers to gain additional value in and around the investments they’ve already made within the legacy CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

The new Sigstr CEO will be focusing on retaining and delighting existing customers and build stronger relationships with B2B clients, apart from developing the core product innovation department with talented employees.

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