Smartology Unveils ‘SmartMatch’, a Bespoke Programmatic Platform for Publishers


BBC Advertising And Wall Street Journal Are Among the First Premium Publishers To Select Smartology’s Programmatic Advertising Platform

Smartology has launched a programmatic version of its bespoke contextual digital platform SmartMatchTM to enable the automated buying of relevant inventory using its semantic matching platform. and The Wall Street Journal are some of the first premium publishers to run campaigns using the new proprietary system.

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Mark Bembridge, CEO at Smartology, comments: “Our programmatic platform enhances what we have offered to date.  It reduces the risk for advertisers while increasing the effectiveness of their campaigns and provides premium publishers with the power to maximize the value of their inventory.”

Currently, Smartology’s media owner partners include, Bloomberg, CNN, NY Times, CNBC, The Economist, the Financial Times, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal.  It also has over 70 global brands, such as Blackrock, Mishcon de Reya, Credit Suisse and Swiss Re, as advertiser clients.

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SmartMatch Uses Machine Learning Algorithms to Organize Advertorial Content

Smartology’s profiling and matching technologies are at the core of its SmartMatchTM platform.  Using machine- learning algorithms, it semantically profiles content from both the media owner and the advertiser and builds a model of the significant concepts within it.  These concepts are weighted and organized into content profiles which are used by the SmartMatch system to select the most relevant content from the advertiser, be it editorial or video, to display alongside any given article on the media owner’s website in real-time.

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Semantic Profiling Places Branded Content beside the Most Relevant Topics

SmartMatch uses semantic profiling to place each item of an advertiser’s branded content with relevant editorial articles on the same or closely-related topics. The creative served, in real-time, will be the one that is the best match for the article currently on screen.

SmartWatch Semantic Matching Technology

The new platform fulfills the role of the trading desk and demand side platform (DSP) and removes the need for a supply side platform (SSP). This simplifies the programmatic ecosystem to increase transparency and reduce the tech tax burden.

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Advertorial Content Running on SmartMatch Garner Higher Revenue

Publishers achieve the same premium CPMs as for direct sales, increase their yield for article page inventory and generate more overall revenue.

Engagement rates for brands are significantly increased, enabling advertisers to make the most of their marketing budget.

Whitelisting Helps Publishers Achieve Brand Safety with Total Control on Ad Fraud

To ensure brand safety for clients, Smartology adopts a whitelist approach, only running campaigns for advertisers over selected premium publishers, while vetting each article page for suitability before bidding on an impression. Advertisers also have total control on where their ads are shown and are safeguarded against appearing alongside inappropriate content or publishers.

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SmartMatch lets premium publishers like The Wall Street Journal and BBC Advertising match advertisers’ branded content with editorial articles on the same or similar topics. This means:

– Readers are more engaged so advertisers see higher returns on their investment.

– Premium publishers can maximize the value of their article level inventory with total transparency

In an era of Facebook and Google’s duopoly over the advertising industry, Smartology’s semantic contextual platform, SmartMatch, helps publishers fight back.

The programmatic version enhances this even further because it means publishers are trading in a private marketplace with fixed rates allowing them to achieve the same premium CPMs as for direct sales

Anna Foot
Anna Foot, VP Advertising Sales EMEA, at The Wall Street Journal.

“Using Smartology’s unique platform, we can run highly-engaging campaigns that deliver return on investment and align with our editorial content – while ensuring the highest possible level of brand safety for our customers,” says Anna Foot, VP Advertising Sales EMEA, at The Wall Street Journal.

Founded in 2010, Smartology has developed a semantic solution for digital advertising that enables brands to optimize their content libraries by focusing on its relevance in relation to editorial articles.

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