Social Native Secured $8 Million in Seed Funding

Social Native Secured $8 Million in Seed Funding

The content marketing platform plans to accelerate growth with investment in Content Optimization Engine

Social Native, a technology platform for creating high performing branded content, has closed an oversubscribed round of $8 million in seed funding from leading venture capital firms including SoftBank Capital.

David Shadpour, CEO, Social Native

“We’re pleased to see continued and growing interest in our technology across the globe,” said David Shadpour, CEO, Social Native. “Brands are faced with the challenge of creating high volumes of personalized content to deliver relevant customer experiences, and prior to Social Native, this was a seemingly impossible task. It’s exciting to see the impact Social Native is having on the digital marketing landscape and the interest not just from brands, but also the investor community.”

Funds will be used to claim more market share

The company will use the funding to grow its Content Optimization Engine launched in March 2017. Social Native plans to bring the power of User Generated Content (UGC) to businesses of all sizes. It will be investing in sales and marketing to continue claiming market share.

Social Native helps brands to connect with over 14 million global content creators who create high-quality and original on-demand content. It is open to new applications from more content creators.

Interview with David Shadpour, CEO at Social Native

How it won Investor Trust?

Social Native received extensive interest from investors due to its early success creating content for brands like Polaroid, Walgreens, and General Motors. It has developed a solution that handles the copyright issue of using content created by consumers.

Jordan Levy, General Partner at SoftBank Capital NY, commended Social Native for producing astounding metrics for brands by automating the traditionally manual process of content creation. “Brands are trying to keep up with the demand to create relevant customer experiences for all marketing channels. “This demand for personalized content has created a huge market opportunity for Social Native. They have the team, technology, and vision needed to transform the industry.”

AI Tech Generates Content-on-demand and predict its Performance

Shadpour informed that AI and machine learning technology has become core to Social Native’s ability to predict which creators and content will reap the highest performance for each unique branded content initiative. “We’re able to improve and optimize content being created on our platform in real-time based on historic performance while ensuring that only the most relevant and highest caliber of creators are invited to participate in our campaigns.”

Social Native evaluated billions of people before selecting millions of content creators in the world. Its AI technology profiles content creators based on demographics, brand affinities, interests, in addition to historic content performance, to automate the pairing of brands with epic creators.

Industry veterans making content creation technology breakthrough

Two industry veterans invested in Social Native and later joined the executive team full time; Jeff Ragovin, Chief Growth Officer at Social Native, who co-founded Buddy Media, which sold for $745 million to Salesforce. The second one is Eytan Elbaz, Chief Strategy Officer at Social Native, famed for co-creating AdSense that was bought by Google for $102 million.

“Social Native’s technology is unparalleled in content marketing,” concluded Ragovin. “Not only have we completely automated the creative development process, but we’re building technology that will create a fundamental shift in how brands think about content creation.”

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