Social Native Unveils Content Optimization Engine; Becomes the Youngest Instagram Content Marketing Partner

If you were to judge a book by its cover page, Social Native is the one you would probably trust to deliver what it promises. The coolest, tech-powered content marketing platform went a step higher in its product line, introducing its maiden Content Optimization Engine that’s built to create content that performs and delights.

Social Native, the fastest-growing technology provider for content marketing, helps brands to connect with over 14 million global content creators who create high-quality and original on-demand content. By unveiling its latest technology, the content marketing platform intends to offer marketers a seamless window to monitor, analyze and optimize the performance of paid media campaigns across omnichannel platforms.

On the heels of launching the content optimization engine, it announced their acceptance as the youngest U.S. Company to join the Facebook and Instagram Content Marketing Partner Programs; and also the induction of Brian Zweig to the executive team as SVP of Partnerships.

So what makes Social Native’s latest product a likely best-seller for content marketing in 2017?

It could be its global visibility and connectivity among content creators. Or, it could also be the endless possibilities that marketers can explore in creating branded content without constraints. But hey! Since we talk about technology—how many content marketing platforms deliver as promised based on Six Sigma methodology. I know a few, but and by its own admission, Social Native is the youngest for sure.

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Social Native’s Content Optimization Engine is a complete content marketing solution that derives its superior performance based on a refined data-driven approach, gathering micro-information from brands as well as customers. Based on the feedback, the engine filters out a proprietary Social Native content score, helping publishers create a PDCA on its continuous improvement cycle. Now that’s some kind of engineering we never heard coming with content-as-a-service. Full accountability shifts from content management to content performance with this latest engine.

Digital Marketing Manager at Prestige Brands, informs: “We are always analyzing ever-evolving consumer habits and the impact they have on consumer consumption of content and brand education. Content has a short half-life and by leveraging innovative technologies, we are able to further extend our brand’s messaging and connection with consumers.”

Grady Burnett, Facebook veteran, now entrepreneur and investor at Social Native, predicts that the next evolution of advertising lies within content optimization. “Historically, brands didn’t have the ability to make content fast enough to keep their paid campaigns at top performance. Now, they are turning to Social Native to create high volumes of data-driven content on demand to fuel advertising programs,” he informs.

“Moving to Social Native was a logical progression,” said Brian. “Technology has evolved to a point where brands can deliver personalized advertising experiences to all consumer segments. However, brands have been ill-equipped to create the necessary content required to fuel those ads. This partnership with Facebook and Instagram is just another testament to the market demand.”

Before joining Social Native, Brian was an early executive at Ampush, one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners. There, he built the sales team from the ground up, reaching $300m in sales.

Social Native is backed by veterans of Google, Salesforce, Scopely, Applied Semantics, & Buddy Media, whose past startups have created over $6B in equity value.

Bravo, acta non verba, Social Native!

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