Uberflip Reveals Meaningful Content Experiences Positively Influence Marketing and Sales Conversions

Marketo + uberflip

In The Third Part Of Our Five-Part Series On Marketo Accelerate’s Inaugural Partners, We Spoke To Uberflip Cmo On How Collaboration In Martech Helps Gather More Steam To Deliver Effective Content Experiences Along The Buyer’s Journey

For the best part of the year, CMOs have agreed that personalized content generates not just traffic but also value. With marketers seeking greater control on their content and delivering personalization at scale, it is imperative for content marketing platforms to create engaging an ‘Content Hub’ that accelerates lead generation and fuels sales conversions based on market-driven data and insights. Uberflip, a leading content experience platform that recently joined the Marketo Accelerate as one of the five inaugural partners, creates remarkable content experiences, tailor-made for each stage of the buyer’s journey. With Marketo Accelerate, Uberflip customers and partners can better leverage content experiences that enable sales and generate leads. Uberflip launched Uberflip AI, a content intelligence tool to help marketers predict, recommend and automate the entire process of creating and delivering content experiences.

Creating a richer content experience that’s valuable, relevant, and authentic will absolutely yield better marketing ROI, and together, Uberflip and Marketo make creating those experiences possible.

Content Experience is now a Key Differentiator in the MarTech Stack

We spoke to Randy Frisch, co-founder and CMO at Uberflip,  who told us how Uberflip customers would benefit from their partnership with Marketo.

Randy said, “Our collaboration with Marketo means that together, across our platforms, marketers can better engage their audiences through meaningful content experiences and develop long-term, personalized relationships.”

Excited about the potential for further integration between the marketing automation and content and customer experience platforms, Randy said, “The partnership will give each side access to advanced and early API functionality.”

Content experience and personalization are the keys to better marketing ROI. Uberflip, by joining Marketo Accelerate, has ensured that content marketers are able to improve ABM, sales enablement, and lead-gen campaigns.

Randy informed, “Speaking to Robin Ritenour and Shai Alfandary of Marketo, it is clear that they believe that integrating content into their platform can be a major differentiator. We have many great companies like Workfront, Dude Solutions, Allocadia and 150 others, that use both Uberflip and Marketo. These customers will see a more synchronized martech stack through this partnership.”

Ready-to-Launch ABM Content Marketing with Easy, Customizable Integration

Whether your goal is generating leads, or increasing funnel velocity and conversions, a tailored experience will get you there. And, that’s what Uberflip offers!

Randy added, “For content marketers who are ready to adopt account-based marketing, the best-in-breed integration between Marketo and Uberflip will make targeting key accounts with personalized content, tailored CTAs, and customized content experiences easy and effective.”

Bringing together marketing and sales, Uberflip’s Sales Streams empower sales reps to create personalized streams of content specific to their prospect that include prospect logos and hand-picked content to help nurture and close deals.

Because Marketo seamlessly integrates with Uberflip, every touch point with content is optimized for engagement between your prospect, lead, or key account, giving marketers more insight, better attribution, and the ability to better convert leads.

Collaboration is Crucial to Building Effective Content Experiences

There has been a sea-change in how CMOs build their MarTech stack now in 2017 compared to their strategies in 2014. To achieve better, powerful and ROI-centric B2B sales and marketing predictive solutions to B2B customers, CMOs are breaking free of siloed tech stacks and investing in  customized solutions and platforms. That’s the soul of Marketo Accelerate—let customers pick the best technologies from the garden of vendors.

Randy agrees that it’s a win-win for MarTech vendors to be partners.

Partner Community at Marketo Accelerate Enrich Marketing Efforts with Best-in-Class Technologies under one Umbrella

He said, “Partners are an integral part of the success of any business. At Uberflip, we recognize and celebrate the value of a strong partner ecosystem and have aligned with best-in-class MarTech leaders, such as Brightcove, Vidyard, and Accelerate Partner SnapApp. When we look at partners we look at solutions that will enrich marketing efforts for our customers, and that’s something I think all of us in the Marketo Accelerate program can agree on.”

Service partners can’t be left too far either. The Uberflip CMO acknowledged why it’s also important to look at many of the “great service partners like Spear, LeadMD, and Perkuto that work with both the Marketo and Uberflip platforms.” For Randy, these companies are great at guiding both strategy and execution when it comes to building the ultimate MarTech stack.

Uberflip Steals the Show with an Intelligent Content Recommendation Engine

In our previous post of the series, I mentioned how Marketo Accelerate community is growing as a formidable force for marketers to build their campaigns using real-time insights. With Uberflip, Marketo users can amplify content marketing innovation around AI/data science. Randy points out to us why Marketo has chosen partners for its Marketo Accelerate program who have demonstrated content marketing innovation.

The CMO of Uberflip said, “The timing of our partnership couldn’t be more appropriate as we launch Uberflip AI, a true artificial intelligence content recommendation engine. The irony is our own AI platform is built through a combination of proprietary IP and integration with other companies, who are LaunchPoint partners with Marketo too.”

Treading a visionary path about leveraging the novel intelligence technology, Randy mentioned about catering transparently to marketers looking for “how companies help them embed AI functionality into solutions they already use.”

Randy added, “Companies that are simply an ‘AI play’ are going to struggle short term as marketers need help to integrate these ideas into their marketing activities. With this in mind, we hope to lead the charge in AI and continue to innovate alongside the other partners to make it easy to benefit from data science.”

Speaking to us, Marketo CEO Steve Lucas pointed out that in 2017 the CEO is actually the “Chief Experience Manager.” By adding Uberflip, Marketo Accelerate is now set up to let marketers take control of where and when to serve up AI based recommendations to maximize audience’s engagement with content experiences automated to come alive with real-time personalization.

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