Bynder Survey: Technology Roadblocks Holding Marketers Back


Findings Reveal Content Accessibility, Organizational Structure, Scalability and Security Are Top Hurdles for Marketers at Small and Midsize Businesses

Bynder, the global leader in creative file management, released the results of a research report entitled, “Small Business Marketing, Big Digital Challenge.” Findings show that marketers at small and midsize businesses are struggling to efficiently reach intended audiences, because of technology roadblocks.

Data shows that companies lack the technological and organizational structure for safely and securely storing and sharing digital files — including logos, images, video, brochures, white papers, presentation decks and more. 71 percent of respondents, for example, store creative content on their computer hard drives, inhibiting access to and use of digital content and putting files at risk of data loss.

The top three additional key findings include:

  • Security is a concern: only 37 percent of respondents feel very confident about the security of their digital assets in how they’re being stored and shared today.
  • Employees don’t have the accessibility needed for anywhere and anytime access: Roughly 75 percent of respondents feel limited in how they can share assets internally and externally. Only 38 percent feel very confident in their ability to manage assets so that anyone within the organization can access from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Marketers aren’t prepared to scale and keep pace with business growth: 47 percent of respondents say their top scalability concern is maintaining brand consistency. 39 percent say it’s getting more reuse out of marketing files. Other scalability concerns include measuring marketing ROI and managing version control and copyrights.
Chris Hall, founder and CEO of Bynder

“Marketers need to be where their customers are, but it can be extremely difficult reaching prospective buyers without having the right digital files readily accessible,” said Chris Hall, founder and CEO of Bynder. “The findings of our research suggest there’s opportunity to overcome the challenges that have traditionally held marketers back by elevating the importance of universal access to digital content for a competitive edge.”

Bynder partnered with market research company Survata to collect responses from more than 500 CEOs and marketing decision makers at U.S. organizations with 300 employees or less across various industries.

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