Autopilot Raises $12 Million and Unveils New Product for Goal Tracking

Autopilot Raises $12 Million and Unveils New Product for Goal Tracking

Autopilot Insights enables marketers to visualize and track the performance of their customer journeys against a goal

CEO, Autopilot
Mike Sharkey, co-founder, and CEO, Autopilot

Visual Marketing Software Company, Autopilot has secured $12 million in investment led by Blackbird Ventures. The funding round also saw participation from current investors namely, Salesforce Ventures, Rembrandt Venture Partners, and Southern Cross Venture Partners. This brings the total funding to $32 million.

Subsequently, Autopilot released a new product called Insights, to visualize and track the performance of customers’ journeys.

Mike Sharkey, co-founder, and CEO, Autopilot, said:“With the launch of Insights and continued support from our investors, we’re helping marketers move beyond batch and blast email to create remarkable multi-channel experiences across the entire customer journey.”

700 Autopilot customers participate in Insights Beta

Of the 700 Insights’ early-testing customers, more than half witnessed a significant increase in customer journey performance, and 71 % felt confident about the impact of their marketing.

Within 60 seconds, Insights enables marketers to track the winning channels, metrics, and messages needed to convert more revenue and optimize for a better customer experience.

Chanse Arrington, Global Head of Developer Business Tools, Microsoft, said: “Developers are a notoriously difficult group to market to. They require constant engagement and hyper-focused communications spanning long periods of time just to keep their attention.” However, with Insights, Arrington said, it was dead easy to fire up and send targeted communications on the fly with very little effort. “What’s more, executives love that I can show how core KPIs are tracking in real-time, without needing a data translator, right from my phone.”

Insights Capabilities include identification of winning messages

Insights make goal tracking easy as it enables users to create, achieve, and share their journey conversion goals in a few clicks. This is how it rallies teams around key business goals.

In addition, it enables users to monitor conversion trends and see at what speed the customer converts across any channel from email to postcard. Insights help to identify key times and days of the week to send emails by looking at results in various increments and even get as deep as hourly level performance.

Users can drill into individual, multichannel message results on a day-by-day basis and easily compare A/B tests to determine winners. It also provides seamless tracking and reporting that connects with any tool stack and works out of the box. Now, marketers can forego spreadsheets, pivot tables, and manual integrations.

Autopilot surpasses 2,300 customers

Since the past one year, Autopilot has signed on Microsoft, Atlassian, Lyft, Freshdesk, Crunchbase and Patreon and has 2300 other customers in 90 countries. It has opened international offices in San Francisco and Sydney.
Autopilot also helps facilitate webinars and events for the loyal clientele. It is one of two solutions recognized in all three of Capterra’s Marketing Automation Reports, which ranks the top 20 most popular, user-friendly and affordable solutions on the market.

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