Evergage Launches Personalized Triggered Email Capabilities


B2B and B2C Marketers Can Configure and Automatically Deploy Timely, Relevant Emails – Triggered Based on an Individual’s Digital Actions or External Factors – to Drive Re-engagement and Conversions

Evergage, the real-time personalization platform company, announced triggered email capabilities. Now, digital marketers can use Evergage’s platform to automatically trigger perfectly timed, relevant, one-off emails, based on an individual’s in-the-moment actions across channels and on external factors. Evergage is unveiling these capabilities – designed to deliver relevant and unified cross-channel experiences and re-engagement opportunities – at The Personalization Summit 2017 in Boston on Wednesday.

With 269 billion emails sent per day (more than 3 million per second!), according to the Radicati Group, buyers are often inundated with irrelevant and ill-timed messages and offers. And as the volume of “batch-and-blast” emails continues to mount, clickthrough rates are on a steady decline.

Triggered emails cut through the clutter – with click-through rates (CTRs) nearly 165% higher than with traditional, business-as-usual campaigns (Epsilon).

Marketers across industries – including retail, financial services, technology, gaming, media and more – can now use Evergage to build, schedule and send emails to prospects, customers or even internal staff based on easily built triggers, such as abandoned carts, abandoned forms, or website or page exits.

Evergage users, in fact, can set up triggers based on any action taken by a visitor that puts him/her in a particular segment. Triggers can even be based on external factors like weather conditions.

A retailer, for example, could trigger an email promoting kitchen remodeling content and articles if a customer purchased a refrigerator and then – in a subsequent visit – returned and looked at other types of kitchen appliances. An insurance company could send a personalized email offering an online chat with a representative about a specific policy to a prospect who spent at least two minutes evaluating that policy but left the site without completing an application.

A B2B technology provider could trigger an email to the appropriate internal sales rep if, let’s say, multiple employees from the same target account are showing surging interest, based on their time spent on the site or their activity in the past few hours.

Evergage’s triggered email capabilities – a new addition to the Evergage for Email offering – take advantage of Evergage’s deep understanding of every visitor and customer, along with the real-time nature of the platform, to ensure messages map precisely to each recipient’s unique interests and intent and are delivered at the optimal moment.

Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director for Customer Experience and Commerce at 451 Research, said, “When it comes to marketing ROI, email is still king. Triggered emails – shown to drive significantly more clickthroughs and conversions than traditional, bulk campaigns – are becoming a key value driver. Like other marketing channels, email continues to be more and more personalized, and companies that successfully incorporate triggered messages within the mix can better connect with and serve their audiences.”

“With millions of one-of-a-kind items being offered at auction on our marketplace for a set period of time, it’s important that we serve relevant, up-to-the-minute information to our buyers. It’s also important that we know who our buyers are, as individuals, and what they’re most interested in, to deliver the best possible user experience. We’re excited about Evergage’s triggered email capabilities, which will allow us to automatically let visitors know, based on their actions on our marketplace, about specific auctions and objects of interest while those items are still available for bidding,” said O’Neal Rowe, chief marketing officer at Invaluable, the world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques and collectibles.

Evergage’s triggered email capabilities form an important part of organizations’ overall personalization program strategies, yielding a cohesive experience for prospects and customers as they traverse channels. With the new functionality, users can:

Design and build campaigns using an intuitive visual editor. Marketers can create a new email campaign, add text and/or dynamic content, test it and configure the event trigger – selecting pre-populated options or defining their own criteria.
Include dynamic variables within subject lines to ensure relevance for each recipient.
A/B test subject line variations to maximize open rates and engagement.
Set scheduling parameters for messages that aren’t delivered instantly. Users can define the days of the week or hours of the day within a recipient’s local time zone to send messages.
View campaign reporting with dashboards to see campaign performance in real time and the impact on business objectives.
Ensure coordination with existing email service providers or marketing automation platforms. Evergage complements existing email systems to handle opt-in, unsubscribe and suppression lists, and ensure email frequency capping.

Evergage’s triggered emails can also be combined with Evergage for Email’s open-time personalization – which delivers 1:1 personalized content, promotions and recommendations into email campaigns the instant a recipient opens a message. Open-time personalization taps into Evergage’s in-depth understanding of each visitor and real-time decisioning capabilities, with the ability to optimize email content right when a message is opened, not when it’s sent, taking into account the person’s up-to-the-moment activity.

“When marketers can communicate in a timely, relevant and helpful way, they’re more likely to build long-term relationships with buyers. Evergage has the most complete and advanced personalization platform, and our triggered email capabilities are an important addition – reflecting client demand and industry needs, and helping minimize irrelevant emails. Marketers can now better engage customers when they’re not on their website or app – using Evergage’s rich profile data to deliver emails that reflect individuals’ interests and motivate them to action,” said Evergage CEO Karl Wirth.

Currently, only Evergage’s real-time personalization platform delivers The Power of 1, enabling digital marketers to transform the dream of 1:1 customer engagement across channels into reality. Combining in-depth behavioral analytics, a full customer data platform and advanced machine learning, Evergage provides the one solution marketers need to systematically understand and interact with each person that visits your site or uses your app – one at a time, “in the moment” and at scale – to deliver a maximally relevant, individualized experience.

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